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This is an epic minecraft parody.


Battlefield 1943

ESRB: T for teen – violence

Platforms: Xbox 360, PS3

          Battlefield 1943 is the best downloadable game I have ever played. It is a purely online shooter in the much-loved battlefield series. It is set in the Pacific Theater in 1943. You can either play as the Americans or the Japanese. Just like the earlier alliterations of battlefield this game lets you drive vehicles like tanks and air planes. Also it uses the frostbite engine so most of the buildings are destructible.  

          There are 4 maps in total, 3 of them have the popular “conquest mode” where you have to capture flags to deplete the enemies tickets. Who ever runs out of tickets first looses. The 4th map was unlocked when the community reached 43 million kills. It is a solely air plane map with a new game mode called air superiority. It is where every one pilots air planes and has to stay in the air without any enemies. If they do that for long enough they will get air superiority and the team that doesn’t have air superiority will have their tickets slowly deplete until they lose.

          Overall Battlefield 1943 is one of the best downloadable game I have ever played and for $10? I’d say that’s a steal! If this was a full $60 game I probably wouldn’t buy it but since it’s so cheap I took the deal and it was worth it!  I would recommend this game to anyone who likes online shooters.

Rating: 9.7/10