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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 (MW3)

Platforms: Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Wii
ESRB Rating: Mature – Violence, Drug Reference, Blood & Gore, Strong Language

PEGI Rating: 18 – Violence, Bad Language

Written By: HappyFunRun
An Author at Mildly Confused Gamer

At long last, the Modern Warfare series comes to a close, or does it? This Blockbuster AAA title is what put Call of Duty on the map for the very first time back in 2007,  and made it the Goliath it is today. There now back 4 years later with a HUGE title, but does it live up to the hype?

In recent news, some Russians blew up the Eiffel Tower.

The story picks up nearly 5 hours after the events of Modern Warfare 2, (No spoilers) Price and Nikolai are stuck trying to save Soap from sudden death. World War 3 Has officially begun, and the Russian invasion has moved from DC to New York. You think this is a pretty cool setting to stay in, but it doesn’t keep you there long. In fact, just like Treyarch’s last Call of Duty Game “Black Ops”, the story takes you to many different diverse environments, which is great. The story can be slow, and a lot of times doesn’t make sense, which causes you to go back and study a couple of missions, along with the game not doing a very good job on explaining certain events: Like a certain Chemical Attack that seemed to be just randomly thrown into the game. The Campaign is very short, (Shorter than all the other call of duty games) and can be completed in 3-4 Hours. If you can get past these little things, the story is tragic, and really grips you on how bad this war really is. The game features a lot of Modern Warfare 1 & 2 References, so it would do you some good to go back and play those first. As always, this game features 4 difficulties: Recruit, Regular, Hardened, & Veteran. Recruit, just lets you slide through life, and treats you like a juggernaut, which if your a beginner (Which is what this difficulty is meant for) is a good thing. Regular isn’t too hard either. But the jump from Regular to Hardened is pretty big. I think a pretty experienced shooter player should be playing here. Veteran is just Absurd. Instead of making the game actually more challenging, it only makes it so you can get hit at almost any time. You can be behind a building and sometimes get hit, if you are in a firefight, it doesn’t matter if the enemy actually shot and hit you, you’ll get hit either way. Playing on this difficulty leaves you figuring out the computer, rather than actually outsmarting your enemy. The Campaign features a Great Soundtrack, and might even leave you in tears at the ending.

Dang rocket n00b!

Moving away from AI opponents, Call of Duty is back with its famous Multiplayer. But if you were looking for another revolutionary BIG jump like Call of Duty 3 – 4: Modern Warfare, you wont find it here. In fact, almost every thing is the same, just with all new maps, weapons, a few new mechanics, and new killstreaks. The Killstreaks are probably the most notable change, now called Pointstreaks, allowing team players to be rewarded as well. Using the Strike Package feature, players can choose there play style. You can even choose different point streaks for each class. The Three Strike Packages are Assault, Support, and Specialist. Assault is the classic set of Call of Duty Killstreaks, and are earned the exact same way: Kills. Support is exactly what the name implies, if you are a team player, you will get rewarded for capturing points, and flags, etc. The killstreaks here are also more support oriented as well.  Specialist allows lone wolf players to be rewarded. Killstreaks are rewarded just like Assault, but instead of like a chopper or something, you get bonus perks. So 2 kills gives a perk, 4 kills gives another, 6 kills gives yet another, and 8 kills will reward you with all the perks in the game. Weapons are now more fully featured, and now have their own perks slot. Maps are much better made, and are more diverse. But Multiplayer is mostly the same, and you wont find anything new here. You wont get the same enjoyment you may have before. Combat is bland, and hard to get into, and game modes are fairly the same.
Spec Ops is back and better, now featuring Matchmaking, not requiring you to find a friend to play. Singleplayer missions now are more featured then last time, and the stars system actually rewards you further than bragging rights. Now there is a new game mode called, Survival. This definitely arose from the high demand of Zombies, let alone a Horde mode at all. This features a money system where you purchase guns and equipment from a Black Market type store. Waves progressively get harder, and bring on more enemies like Choppers, and Juggernauts. Its pretty interesting. The down sides are, its not nearly as featured as far as weapons go as multiplayer, and AI kinda Sucks.
Overall, its a pretty dissapointing game. But it still holds on most things, and can hold your attention for a little while. Story is short, multiplayer is bland, and Spec ops is awesome, aside from a few bugs. If your a Major COD fan, I recommend to pick it up, but if your fairly new, I would go for a previous entry in the series.
-Great Graphics
-Decent Story
-Decent Game Playability
-Spec Ops

-Short Game
-Bland Multiplayer
-Unclear Story
-Weird Concepts

Battlefield Bad Company makes fun of Metal Gear Solid.

Little BIG Planet

Platform: PS3

ESRB: E for Everyone – Comic Mischief, Mild Cartoon Violence

PEGI: 7 for seven and up – non realistic violence toward fantasy characters, pictures and sounds likely to be scary to young children, and you can play online with one or more people.

         Little Big Planet is the first game in a large group of “Play Create Share” games then was followed with games like Mod Nation Racers. This is the first game of the two Little Big Planet series and it is well put together for Media Molecule’s first “big” game, and it sure was a hit! The game set you in control of Sackboy whom you can customize with clothing you can unlock in the story levels. You could dress up as a soldier, or a ninja, or even a turkey headed birthday cake with sunglasses and mittens. Yup, that much customization. So Sackboy is a living sown sack with feelings. you can quite literally change his expressions with a push of a button. So he lives in Craft World a collection of planets that pop up into existence from hopes and dreams that float up into the air.

Just hangin' with my peeps in LBP.

          The story mode is quite fun and travels from area to area and person to person you are trying to help. All the while you are trying to stop the evil Collector who is kidnapping people and items from the story and eventually you have to save them. You start the story in the Gardens where the King and Queen teach you the basics in this world all the while you see things that aren’t right. Such as you see fleeting glimpses of the collector or things get sucked into the sky. When you start the game you have no idea who the heck is doing this until later in the game. Once you are done with his levels you get sent to the Savanna to do levels there and go on through the worlds. During the levels you can find prize bubbles which can hold stickers, materials and decorations, and costume pieces. You use Stickers to place in levels and to decorate your levels. You use materials and decorations for making your own levels in create mode. (More on that later.) Finally if you didn’t figure it out already, you use costume pieces to customize your Sackboy. Also in the story levels you might find a key. The keys unlock little side fun levels like races and stuff. One of the coolest things of the story mode is that the levels in the story are made with things that you use in creative mode. So you could basically you could create one of the story levels!

          Creative mode is really the shining jewel in this game and the game’s centered around it. You watch some tutorials so you know how to use the tools and materials. If you watch all of them you unlock many things to use during creative. In this mode you can build nearly anything. You could build a giant castle level. Maybe a high-speed racing level. Even a huge military training level. This is where you use materials, stickers, and decorations the most. You use them to make the things that you want to make. If you want to make that castle, you should have the cobblestone material and such.

Ah, the joy of making puffy rainbow trees.

          Online mode is really great. You can post your newly made levels into the community to be rated, hearted, and tagged. Even more so you can play other people’s levels, so you basically never run out of levels because there is usually a new level posted every ten seconds. You can check out your friend’s levels and heart other creators so you can get to their world quickly to check their levels and such. You can even play with up to four players over an online connection with almost any level you want! Also to make things easier for you the developers created the cool wall, which shows the top played and top hearted levels so you can try some good levels that way.

           Sadly this game is not without it’s flaws. One of the big ones is that there is quite the limitation to gadgets that you can make compared to LBP2. Furthermore some of the community’s levels are worse than par. I know that it’s a family game and most of the people that create levels are six year olds and people don’t get that, but some of the levels they didn’t even try on. The main example of that is a level that starts you at the ending checkpoint with nothing else in it. The story is pretty good and fun but it is kind of predictable and you couldn’t really fall in love with the characters, Except for your turkey headed, birthday cake Sackboy of course!

           Overall this game is a good cheap game that is good with families because the four player split-screen and the co-op elements. If you had enough to buy this or the second you should get the second because the story is better and there is more you can do on it. If you already have the second one I would recommend this to you. I would also recommend this to any one that wants a good family game and has a low budget.

rating: 8.7/10

Quote 3

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“That was too close, you were almost a Jill sandwich.”

~~~~ Barry Burton – Resident Evil

Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam DLC

Platforms: PC, PS3, Xbox 360

ESRB: M for Mature

PEGI: 16 for sixteen and up

          Ahhh yes! EA has broken the average map pack metaphorical box again. No wait, demolished it is a better word for it, demolished it with one of the realistic Vietnam era tanks. That you can drive of course, they’re not just decorations as in many popular FPSs. (Names will go unmentioned.) In this colorful DLC brought to you from EA and Dice, they didn’t just settle for the common rushed maps stuffed in what goes for a DLC, oh no. They packed it with many new and time accurate weapons and vehicles. Also of course all the buildings are destructable thanks to the Frostbite game engine. Lets delve into the many features of this add-on.

Ahhhh, flamethrowers; the original bunker buster.

          First of all when you first buy it then go into the main menu screen you might notice the DLC has its own sub-menu and even has music! So you join a match, which is what you usually do right? You notice that they switched the main game’s orange and white menu colors for a more natural green and brown. You might ask, “Yeah, that’s nice and all, but what does that have to do with the DLC in its self?” well, it sets the mood and shows the developers put a lot of time and effort to polish every little detail. You get into one of the games matches and look through the weapons and notice there are some new, Vietnam weapons like the M16, AK-47, and even the popular Uzi. You can spawn either as the US Army or the Vietnam Army. Also they put a real emphasis on fire. There are napalm jets in the distance, half of one map is riddled with mortar fire and napalm, there is a flamethrower primary weapon, and you can stick one onto your tank. What fun! One of my favorite things that they added was the radios. You could fly over the forest in your Huey with machine guns blazing all the while Ride of the Valkyries is blaring through the radio’s loudspeaker for everyone to hear. Sure it isn’t the most stealthy way to approach a base but at least you can make an entrance. For those who want to be stealthy in that loud rumbling tank, along with the many song stations there is a station that doesn’t play music. I don’t see why you would do that but I guess it is just preference to your playing style. There are five different maps that come in this pack, one of which had to be unlocked by the community much like Coral Sea in Battlefield 1943. To unlock it the community had to do 69 million support actions such as repairing and spotting just to name a few.

           Sadly some diamonds do have flaws. Some things that bug me are that there isn’t any weapon stars for the flamethrower unlike other weapons. So you don’t get a boatload of XP when you reach 50 kills and such. Another thing that bugged me was that the WWII .45 pistol to me seemed overpowered. Every time I got past the snipers to arm the charges they just run up to me with their pistol and kill me in a couple of shots. Finally I think they could have been more creative with the maps. There was rice patties and mountains and such but It was all seemed the same. The one exception was Hill 132 where it was napalm scorched and burning. Besides that most of the maps were jungle with a few distinguishing features. I know Vietnam was mostly jungle but why couldn’t they do some urban map. I’m pretty sure there were some major battles fought in cities that were more than huts.

I love the smell of napalm in the morning, it smells like... victory.

          Overall those annoyances don’t show up for me much when I play for a while. This DLC is a huge bang for your buck and has few major flaws unlike other game’s DLC which sometimes degrade into a few weapons for a couple dollars. If you have Battlefield Bad Company 2 you should get the DLC. If you don’t have the game, buy the game then the DLC because it is a good excuse to get the game. I would recommend this to any one who has the base game or loves FPS games.

rating: 9.5/10

Review: Halo Reach

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ESRB: Mature: >Violence; Mild Language
PEGI: 16: > Realistic Violence, Online Play
Written By: HappyFunRun
An author at Mildly Confused gamer
          Oh what a breath of fresh clean air it is, when you can break free from stereotype games, and go for a fresh fun feel. This feeling is Boasted when a blockbuster title like Halo comes along. The hype on Halo 4 is pretty big, and with that hype, we thought we might review its stunning predecessor.
          The story picks up right before the events of the original Halo: Combat Evolved, you take on the role of Noble 6, a skilled pilot that is now joining the incredible Noble Team. Noble team is a group of Elite Spartans, living on Reach. Yes, Reach. Reach is a planet, supposedly discovered by humans years back, and is a planet can sustain life. So it is inhabited by our own, and has some stunning cities rising above the gorgeous Mountains. The Covenant, a fierce alien Race, is apparently something humanity has known about for a while, and is afraid of. That fright gets a thousand times worse when Noble infiltrates a farming area, that was supposedly attacked by rebels, you go there only to find that it was really covenant, and are forced into a firefight. Yeah that’s right, they’re on reach, and they want to kill. Did I mention reach is pretty important? The game takes you across reach, the cities, deserts, arctic, and notably one mission where you take control of a sabre starfighter, and get to see some stunning views of reach. The game features very strong characters, that you can easily love. And even though you are a faceless dude, you still have a nice moral incentive to stay alive. The story is tragic, and will be gripping your heart by the end of this 5-6 Hour game.
          Multiplayer, was originally not a big part at all of the halo franchise, but every game, it got more and more popular. Multiplayer is a very hard part, and all the newbies will have a pretty rough life if they are not skilled. Multiplayer has some very diverse maps, and some great game modes that really put the icing on the cake: Notably a playlist called, Action Sack, which features a whole list of community made game modes. Halo is a wonderful party game, split screen is just amazing, and if 4 players isn’t enough, the game supports 2 players going online together. As you rank up and earn points, you spend those points as a Currency, with that you can buy armor, helmets, and other gear for your spartan.
          You can change your color, and emblem, but that is free. This currency system is bungie’s way of blurring the line between Singleplayer and Competitive Multiplayer, because you can still earn cash in singleplayer, by competing with your buddies to get the most kills, or also in Firefight.
          Firefight is Halos Horde Mode, Your able to take on a wide arrange of enemies, across some diverse small-sized maps, specifically made for Firefight. This mode is very custom, you can set which enemies come at which times, how long they come, when different rounds come and go, and how long the match is. You can also set loadouts for the game if you would like any. This is just one of Halos customizability.
          Custom Games, are basically local multiplayer, but as the name implies, its custom, very custom. What I like about Halo, and what I think makes it shine so much, how personal it is. You can have FULL CUSTOMIZABILITY, (How fast you move, how high you jump, what weapons people can use, it goes on and on and on) And that customizability is not really supported in Campaign and Multiplayer, you can use this feature in Firefight, Custom Games, and Forge.
          Forge is your huge open world builder. Its massive, and its amazing. One misconception about Forge, is that its a level editor, that’s not the case, because you can’t actually change the terrain or structure of a map. Forge is there, so you can change where, and what weapons are placed around the map, where the spawn points are in a map, your able to change those kinds of things. But then there is forge world, this huge building space, your given thousands of objects to use, walls, floors, bridges,
etc. Build a base, build an airport and stick a banshee on it, build your dream structure, or make some 3D art with floating objects. Its something very fun to mess around on, and you can actually get pretty competitive. Its cool when you are in a shootout in forge, and you all of a sudden pull out a gravity hammer, and own them all, or your friend spawns a banshee and flies away, its endless.
          Halo REACH is something fresh, and I think its something every shooter fan should pick up. Though the story is not the strongest (And halo has never had) it still stands as the best in the series. With fully customizability, and a nice arsenal at your fingertips, Halo Reach is one to Remember.

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