Review: Ghost Recon Future Soldier

Posted: June 8, 2012 in Review
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Ghost Recon Future Soldier
Rating: 8.8/10
Platforms: PS3, Xbox 360, PC
ESRB: M for Blood, Intense Violence, Strong Language (Really theres not that much…)
PEGI: Multiple, motiveless killing – Violence towards defenseless people – Violence – Strong language

Written By: HappyFunRun
An Author at Mildly Confused Gamer

          Whoa! Finally we have a shooter with true respect! Get away from the CoD Crap and go to a Lush Paradise of AWESOME! This is a shooter thats got its head held high.

          The game is not a sequel to anything yet it does follow through with the Ghost Recon Timeline, but don’t be worried you don’t even need to look at the older games to be able to understand this one.


In the future, all ninjas have assault rifles.

          The story starts off with an unnamed ghost squad sniping off a Terrorist Convoy and repelling down towards the convoy to investigate. They come upon a truck, only to find its carrying a beeping bomb, the entire team is wiped out by this bomb, leaving the US Military remaining with only 1 more Ghost Squad. Let me just set the record strait, this game has one of the most Weak story lines ever, they don’t explain whats at stake, and you don’t interact with your squad mates further than cutscenes. But its good to know that the game makes up for it with one of the most fun game plays you won’t find anywhere else. This is at core a Tom Clancy game, because it focuses much on Military. This elite ghost squad is equipped with the most advanced arsenal ever created by man. The game is set in the near future (it doesn’t say, but i’d suspect its like 2019 or something).

          The way the campaign works, is you have a cutscene of the squad, usually having no relevance to the mission, then you are put in the debriefing menu, where you are of course debriefed, given mission context, and set up your load out. The Load outs system in this game (Named Gunsmith) Is the most advanced, and Customizable Loadouts system in the whole world. You can Customize your gun down to the inner parts, giving you an exploded view of the gun, and giving you the opportunity to switch out Muzzle, Gas System, Optics, Stock, Barrel, and so much more, along with over 50 Paint Schemes. This is guns galore! Then you get to choose your Two equipment, like sensor grenades, flash grenades, etc!!! And the mission chooses your other stuff like what vision modes you have, if you have a Quadrotor Drone, etc. 

           Like I said, the game has a pretty weak story, but it very much makes up for it with its amazing Gameplay, you can play the entire Campaign with up to 4 Players Online. As you progress through the missions you Unlock More Equipment, Weapons, and Attachments, but A LOT of the stuff will not be unlocked just by going Half Aced and Completing the Campaign, A lot of the fancy stuff like Incendiary Ammo, or Armor Piercing Bullets will have to be earned by completing challenges within each mission. Challenges like completing an Objective within a certain amount of time, or going over board on an objective. This encourages a lot of replay ability. 

           The weak story DOES encourage a lot of Gameplay Mechanics though, you can preform sync shots with your squad, taking down up to four enemies within a second, you can place a focus fire order, to tell your squads who’s the more important guy to drop. The game is very centered around Stealth, and Coordinating the Takedowns is just a Blast. The Cover system is spot on, fast, and fluid. The shooting feels just right, and its also worth noting the Squad AI is amazing, so you may actually rethink bringing your real buddies for the ride.

          Moving away from Campaign, Multiplayer is Amazing, while it doesn’t feature Local Play, it Features an Extensive Custom Match system. Matchmaking is Fast, and you don’t have to worry about getting into a match with a bunch of idiot players. Thats because the people who play this game, play it the way its supposed to be, you also usually get the absence of whiny 10 year olds. I once in a match was trying to capture a point, and four of my Team Mates threw smoke grenades, and surrounded me to make a Body Shield. One of the guys was picked off by a sniper, the 3 remaining shielders picked him off, and moved in closer to form a better shield with one less guy. You would never see this in Cod.


Helicopters coming in!

          There are 10 maps, with more coming in July VIA DLC. There are Three Classes: Scout, Engineer, and Rifleman. Scout features the Optical Camouflage where you can turn transparent, he wields SMG’s and Snipers. The Engineer features all the high tech, drones, field computers, you name it, he wields PDR’s and Shotguns. The Rifleman supports extra body armor, he wields Assault Rifles and LMG’s, along with your standard frags and stuff. Game modes are very original, conflict is Objective based TDM, you have to control a random objective (Protect EMP, control Intel sensor, defend Resupply point, ETC) and if you win an objective it will actually give you a bonus. (Like actually EMPing the other team.) The Game features 4 modes that sport the same type of awesomeness. In multiplayer you actually feel the need to help your team win, its very Team Oriented, and its something you’ll enjoy. And if you played the BETA like me, you’ll be happy to know its just as awesome.

          Lastly, theres guriella mode (Hope thats spelled right!) which is a wave based survival mode that is very similar to Gears of Wars Horde Mode. You fight of waves of enemies, starting with a stealth wave, where you have to stealthily capture a point, then hold that point for 9 more waves. On the Tenth wave, there is some sort of a boss, then on wave 11, you move to a new point to capture, and hold for 9 more waves, then stealth, and so on. There are 50 waves total, that sounds like not a lot, but its really a lot, average wave that people get is like 17, and thats after like an hour of play time. Currently there are 4 maps, with an extra one coming with the signature edition, another obtainable from Uplay, and more coming through DLC later. This mode is way fun, and supports split screen, Xbox live, and split screen Xbox Live. 

          Wow! Long Review, but there is a lot to cover. This game packs a powerful punch, and gives you a huge bang for the 60 dollars you usually pay for a game. Its replay ability is massive, and it features 3 amazing modes. It continues to push the boundaries for what people think is a shooter. I think it will break a lot of the bad Call of Duty Habbits. Have fun taking out the Bodarks, just watch out for the booms.
-Great Gameplay
-Balanced & Fluid Multiplayer
-Cool Gadgets
-Gurriella Mode
-Weak Story
-Some low Moments
-Some Repetitiveness
Sound: 9.5    Sound is spot on, using Brand Spanking new DTS technology.
Graphics: 7.5    Meh, their decent.
Playability: 7.8    Takes a lot of Skill, and strategy, a breath of fresh air for the shooter genre, but not very accessible.
Gameplay: 9    Great Gameplay, very fun.
Plot: 7.5    Very weak.
Replay Value: 8.5    The game offers a lot of challenges with great incentive to complete.
OVERALL 8.8/10

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