DLC Review: CoD MW3 Collection 1

Posted: July 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3: Collection 1

Rating: 8.5 / 10

ESRB: M for Mature

Pegi: 18 for Eighteen and Up


Written By: HappyFunRun
An Author at Mildly Confused Gamer

        As you may expect, Call of Duty gets “More Exciting” every year, and the hype train is always bigger than ever. But the real truth is that every year, each Cods map packs don’t necessarily get any more exciting, but that they just add another map that your getting per pack.

So this time around, following up Black Ops’ 5 maps, your now getting six maps for your fifteen bucks. And they are now called “Collections” simply (or not simply) because all the maps are released over a few months to the paid CoD Elite subscribers, and then they release a collection of all those maps recently (6), and sell it to the non premium members. It’s all just a headache and we all wish that we could just have it simpler. Very Simpler.

So this “Collection” has 4 Multiplayer maps,  and 2 Spec Ops maps. Its the First MW game to feature Spec Ops maps in its DLC. The First Map, Liberation, takes place on a new york plaza just out of the city. The Scenery on this map is cool, and I really enjoyed this map, because its one of the first times in a Modern Warfare game where people actually snipe like a real sniper, by laying down and tracking your target. This is much encouraged because of the very long sight lines on the map. If your a sniper fan, your going to love this map. On the other end of the spectrum, it Piazza, this map takes place in italy, and features very close quarters influenced areas, SMG’s and Shotguns Dominate. Next is Overwatch, this is by far the coolest looking map in the pack, it takes place atop a high rise building, but don’t get this wrong, its not the small beloved map from MW2, its much different. It provides a good balance between short and long range engagement distances. And tight corners will have you wishing there wasn’t a claymore round the corner. Lastly is another balance focused map, its called Black Box. This map takes place in a small suburb, where Air Force One has crashed. On the streets and lawns of the suburb, are very long range distances, then in the nice houses, and the plane, there is close quarters favored combat.

Who New Call of Duty could feature Forza and Destruction Derby all at the same time!!!!

Next are the Spec Ops maps. First there is Black Ice, where you go rushing into a diamond mine on a snowmobile, and blow it up. This is a fast paced spec ops map, that is very fun and interesting, considering the original game did not feature a snowmobile spec ops map this time around. Next is Negotiator, where you are a hostage and must escape and save as many other hostages as you can before they are executed. Sounds awesome right? But these Spec Ops maps aren’t always as Action fueld and as cracked up as they sound to be. The thing that is most disappointing about these spec ops maps, are that they are dramatically shorter than the other maps available, and they, as always, are re-using a location that was already in the game, be it from the campaign, or even another spec ops map. Point is, it kind of feels crappy when you are lashing out another 15 bucks for another version of something you already own.

My Verdict, is that it is your own verdict, are you willing to pay 15 bucks for something thats not immensely big. But the maps are interesting, and do add something different than something you already have… (Excluding The Spec Ops maps…) But I still think 15 bucks is over priced for a few maps.


  • Variety of Maps


  • Overpriced
  • Re – Used Locations

Sound:    Same as Regular MW3

Graphics:    Same as Regular MW3

Playability:    9.5 as always with CoD’s, its accessible.

Plot:    None

Replay Value:    7.0 They are only maps, you wont return for more than 2 weeks.


Overall: 8.5 / 10


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