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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3: Collection 1

Rating: 8.5 / 10

ESRB: M for Mature

Pegi: 18 for Eighteen and Up


Written By: HappyFunRun
An Author at Mildly Confused Gamer

        As you may expect, Call of Duty gets “More Exciting” every year, and the hype train is always bigger than ever. But the real truth is that every year, each Cods map packs don’t necessarily get any more exciting, but that they just add another map that your getting per pack.

So this time around, following up Black Ops’ 5 maps, your now getting six maps for your fifteen bucks. And they are now called “Collections” simply (or not simply) because all the maps are released over a few months to the paid CoD Elite subscribers, and then they release a collection of all those maps recently (6), and sell it to the non premium members. It’s all just a headache and we all wish that we could just have it simpler. Very Simpler.

So this “Collection” has 4 Multiplayer maps,  and 2 Spec Ops maps. Its the First MW game to feature Spec Ops maps in its DLC. The First Map, Liberation, takes place on a new york plaza just out of the city. The Scenery on this map is cool, and I really enjoyed this map, because its one of the first times in a Modern Warfare game where people actually snipe like a real sniper, by laying down and tracking your target. This is much encouraged because of the very long sight lines on the map. If your a sniper fan, your going to love this map. On the other end of the spectrum, it Piazza, this map takes place in italy, and features very close quarters influenced areas, SMG’s and Shotguns Dominate. Next is Overwatch, this is by far the coolest looking map in the pack, it takes place atop a high rise building, but don’t get this wrong, its not the small beloved map from MW2, its much different. It provides a good balance between short and long range engagement distances. And tight corners will have you wishing there wasn’t a claymore round the corner. Lastly is another balance focused map, its called Black Box. This map takes place in a small suburb, where Air Force One has crashed. On the streets and lawns of the suburb, are very long range distances, then in the nice houses, and the plane, there is close quarters favored combat.

Who New Call of Duty could feature Forza and Destruction Derby all at the same time!!!!

Next are the Spec Ops maps. First there is Black Ice, where you go rushing into a diamond mine on a snowmobile, and blow it up. This is a fast paced spec ops map, that is very fun and interesting, considering the original game did not feature a snowmobile spec ops map this time around. Next is Negotiator, where you are a hostage and must escape and save as many other hostages as you can before they are executed. Sounds awesome right? But these Spec Ops maps aren’t always as Action fueld and as cracked up as they sound to be. The thing that is most disappointing about these spec ops maps, are that they are dramatically shorter than the other maps available, and they, as always, are re-using a location that was already in the game, be it from the campaign, or even another spec ops map. Point is, it kind of feels crappy when you are lashing out another 15 bucks for another version of something you already own.

My Verdict, is that it is your own verdict, are you willing to pay 15 bucks for something thats not immensely big. But the maps are interesting, and do add something different than something you already have… (Excluding The Spec Ops maps…) But I still think 15 bucks is over priced for a few maps.


  • Variety of Maps


  • Overpriced
  • Re – Used Locations

Sound:    Same as Regular MW3

Graphics:    Same as Regular MW3

Playability:    9.5 as always with CoD’s, its accessible.

Plot:    None

Replay Value:    7.0 They are only maps, you wont return for more than 2 weeks.


Overall: 8.5 / 10


Call of Duty Black Ops: Rezurrection

Platforms: PC, PS3, Xbox 360

ESRB: M for Mature

PEGI: 18 for eighteen and up

          Ah, another one of Call of duty’s repetitive map packs, or is it? This is one of the only map packs that I felt that were worth my money because it is filled with my new favorite game mode. Zombies. That’s right It is filled with FIVE NEW ZOMBIES MAPS!! Or is it? Actually FOUR of those maps are from Treyarch’s last CoD game World at War. Also the four old map packs were included with the Prestige Edition, so if you got that beautiful package you got the last map (moon) for free when it came out! So is it really worth it to shell out fifteen more dollars on pointless maps you already have? Is it worth it for the only new map in the pack, Moon? What if you don’t have World at War? Is it still worth it pulling out fifteen bucks? Or should you just dig around in the cheap section in Walmart for World at War at twenty dollars. (yes I have seen it at that price) New map and five dollars less, or find the game for twenty dollars, and get the zombie DLC bundle for around twenty-five dollars. Wait, I am starting to see why this map pack is a good idea…


          So the five maps are, Nacht Der Untoten (Night), Verruckt (Asylum), Shi No Numa (Swamp), Der Riese (Factory), and the new map, Moon. First off lets talk about Nacht Der Untoten. All of you CoD Veterans remember this as the original zombie map that you got with finishing the campaign in World at War. For those of you that don’t know, this map is the smallest zombies map to date and is set in a German bunker in the forest and (yes you guessed it) at night. It only has 3 rooms, around 4 wall weapons, one perk machine (mule kick) and only one mystery box location! I think this map is easier for beginners because the mystery box is right in the next room making it easier to get started, but it would be harder for people that get past round 12 always, because there isn’t any juggernog, quick revive, speed cola, and traps. Next is Verruckt, this map is set in a asylum (you probably guessed that too) in the middle of a forest (no one knows why). This map is especially tricky even though it has all the amenities that we have came to know and love. The reason it is so tricky is that it has two spawn points, So there is a 50% chance on CO-OP you will spawn apart (after opening a few doors you will get back together). Next is Shi No Numa, which has you fighting Japanese zombies in the swamp, at a command post and some fishing huts. This map is interesting because outside it has bits of swamp that zombies can spawn out of and when you walk on it, it slows you down. Also instead of the normal two different pathways you can go from, this one has four, making some very interesting games! Next there is Der Riese, which is set in a factory (yes, you guessed it, aren’t you so smart?!) at night. This is one of my favorites and plays out much like Kino Der Toten. Lastly there is moon, where you use a teleporter in area 51 to teleport to the moon where you fight of hundreds of zombies. (makes you wonder how many astronauts Russia sent into space) This one is very difficult and different because it has a astronaut in a space suit that works kinda like Call of the Dead’s George Romero except it doesn’t get enraged when you shoot him. Also there is very low gravity and with your space helmet on you can barely hear anything. All I can say is, good luck.

They didn’t send this many people into space in 1969!

There is one obvious flaw staring at you in the face. If you bought World at War and the map packs, your basically paying for one new map and a graphical upgrade! Which is up to you to decide if its worth your fifteen bucks.

If you don’t have World a War and all the DLC, this is a sure buy, especially if you’re a zombie fan. It gives you five exciting maps with amazing sound, graphics, and some sort of plot underneath all the zombies. I recommend this to anyone who doesn’t have World at War and the DLC or is a major zombie fan!


  • Five exciting maps with different experiences.


  • Four of the maps are old maps.


Sound ———— 9.5  The zombie’s moans and howls are very immersive  and the character’s lines are very humorous

Graphics ——— 8 They aren’t the best but they’re better than the average

Playability ——- 9.3 easy to control but easy to rage quit, n00bs be warned

Plot ————— N/A

Replay Value —- 9.5 This is the main reason why I keep coming back to Black Ops

Overall: 9.0/10

My New Blog

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Hello! This blog is going to include reviews, tips, cheats, news, and various other things. Also I will be posting my favorite screenshots and quotes from games.