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Hey! Are you a confused gamer, are you confused on how confused works??? Well this is for you!

Website Schedule

MildlyConfusedGamer’s Reviews — Wednesday

DLC Reviews — Monday

HappyFunRun Reviews — Friday

Everything Else — Various Days


Rating System

The Rating system is personal based, along with being based on the Pros/Cons. We also base it off the different aspects of a game which can be found at the bottom of a review. Aspects like Sound, Graphics, Gameplay, Plot, ETC. All things are Numbered 1-10 scale. Decimal numbers are usually only .5, so its like 7 – 7.5 – 8 – 8.5 – and so on. But, if we feel there needs to be something in-between, we’ll do like .7 or .3 or something.


About us and this blog.

        Welcome to The Mildly Confused Gamer, we are dedicated to brining top and trusted reviews of games every week. This is my blog, and its going to be filled with gaming quotes, videos, photos, polls, and most importantly REVIEWS!

The Mildly Confused Gamer – Founder & President

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I am an avid gamer, ready for action. I love to play, because I love to play. I don’t care what other people are playing, or what people say about the game I’m playing, If I love a game… I love a game. I am a very avid Debater as well, debating on which part or map or whatever of a game is in my essence. I Joined TMGC because I love to blog, and my best friend had an awesome gaming one, so Here I am!


Please feel free to click a Follow Button, and read back often, it would be much appreciated!



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