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Battlefield Bad Company makes fun of Metal Gear Solid.


Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam DLC

Platforms: PC, PS3, Xbox 360

ESRB: M for Mature

PEGI: 16 for sixteen and up

          Ahhh yes! EA has broken the average map pack metaphorical box again. No wait, demolished it is a better word for it, demolished it with one of the realistic Vietnam era tanks. That you can drive of course, they’re not just decorations as in many popular FPSs. (Names will go unmentioned.) In this colorful DLC brought to you from EA and Dice, they didn’t just settle for the common rushed maps stuffed in what goes for a DLC, oh no. They packed it with many new and time accurate weapons and vehicles. Also of course all the buildings are destructable thanks to the Frostbite game engine. Lets delve into the many features of this add-on.

Ahhhh, flamethrowers; the original bunker buster.

          First of all when you first buy it then go into the main menu screen you might notice the DLC has its own sub-menu and even has music! So you join a match, which is what you usually do right? You notice that they switched the main game’s orange and white menu colors for a more natural green and brown. You might ask, “Yeah, that’s nice and all, but what does that have to do with the DLC in its self?” well, it sets the mood and shows the developers put a lot of time and effort to polish every little detail. You get into one of the games matches and look through the weapons and notice there are some new, Vietnam weapons like the M16, AK-47, and even the popular Uzi. You can spawn either as the US Army or the Vietnam Army. Also they put a real emphasis on fire. There are napalm jets in the distance, half of one map is riddled with mortar fire and napalm, there is a flamethrower primary weapon, and you can stick one onto your tank. What fun! One of my favorite things that they added was the radios. You could fly over the forest in your Huey with machine guns blazing all the while Ride of the Valkyries is blaring through the radio’s loudspeaker for everyone to hear. Sure it isn’t the most stealthy way to approach a base but at least you can make an entrance. For those who want to be stealthy in that loud rumbling tank, along with the many song stations there is a station that doesn’t play music. I don’t see why you would do that but I guess it is just preference to your playing style. There are five different maps that come in this pack, one of which had to be unlocked by the community much like Coral Sea in Battlefield 1943. To unlock it the community had to do 69 million support actions such as repairing and spotting just to name a few.

           Sadly some diamonds do have flaws. Some things that bug me are that there isn’t any weapon stars for the flamethrower unlike other weapons. So you don’t get a boatload of XP when you reach 50 kills and such. Another thing that bugged me was that the WWII .45 pistol to me seemed overpowered. Every time I got past the snipers to arm the charges they just run up to me with their pistol and kill me in a couple of shots. Finally I think they could have been more creative with the maps. There was rice patties and mountains and such but It was all seemed the same. The one exception was Hill 132 where it was napalm scorched and burning. Besides that most of the maps were jungle with a few distinguishing features. I know Vietnam was mostly jungle but why couldn’t they do some urban map. I’m pretty sure there were some major battles fought in cities that were more than huts.

I love the smell of napalm in the morning, it smells like... victory.

          Overall those annoyances don’t show up for me much when I play for a while. This DLC is a huge bang for your buck and has few major flaws unlike other game’s DLC which sometimes degrade into a few weapons for a couple dollars. If you have Battlefield Bad Company 2 you should get the DLC. If you don’t have the game, buy the game then the DLC because it is a good excuse to get the game. I would recommend this to any one who has the base game or loves FPS games.

rating: 9.5/10

ESRB: M for mature-blood, strong language, violence

Platforms: PC, PS3 Xbox 360

          Battlefield Bad Company 2 continues on from the first bad company. It was made by Dice and EA the same people who have brought you most of the Battlefield games. You can drive vehicles like jeeps and helicopters. Also, you can destroy and collapse buildings to kill enemies inside with the power of Frostbite, the game’s engine.

          In the singleplayer campaign mode you play as Preston Marlowe; a member in the group known as “Bad Company” a group of three others. The story has you saving the world from Russians that have captured a Japanese WWII weapon of mass destruction and are planing to take over America. You travel across the world trying to stop the Russian leader Arkady Kirilenko. I believe the campaign has a generic story but with characters you know and love. I think the story is like most average fps (first person shooter) games with extremely funny humor and arguments (unlike CoD) but, it has swearing that isn’t really necessary (like CoD).

          The multiplayer is really the gem in this game. It has several game modes such as rush: where there is the attacking team and the defending team. The attacking team’s job is to destroy the other team’s M-COMs. As you destroy them, sectioned off areas of the map become available to you and new M-COMs are set up in that area. The defending team (obviously) defends the M-COMs from the attackers. Every time the attackers destroy  the set of M-COMs the defending team’s spawn point gets set back to the new area. you win as an attacker by destroying all the M-COMs. To win as a defender you have to kill enough attackers until they run out of respawn tickets.

          Overall I think Battlefield Bad Company 2 is a good game with realism and humor. The campaign is par but, the multiplayer is where this game shines. It made me keep on coming back to play and rank up. The main problem I have with this game is that they made it a little too realistic. The character’s language sounds just as colorful as an average marine!

Rating: 9/10

Battlefield 1943

ESRB: T for teen – violence

Platforms: Xbox 360, PS3

          Battlefield 1943 is the best downloadable game I have ever played. It is a purely online shooter in the much-loved battlefield series. It is set in the Pacific Theater in 1943. You can either play as the Americans or the Japanese. Just like the earlier alliterations of battlefield this game lets you drive vehicles like tanks and air planes. Also it uses the frostbite engine so most of the buildings are destructible.  

          There are 4 maps in total, 3 of them have the popular “conquest mode” where you have to capture flags to deplete the enemies tickets. Who ever runs out of tickets first looses. The 4th map was unlocked when the community reached 43 million kills. It is a solely air plane map with a new game mode called air superiority. It is where every one pilots air planes and has to stay in the air without any enemies. If they do that for long enough they will get air superiority and the team that doesn’t have air superiority will have their tickets slowly deplete until they lose.

          Overall Battlefield 1943 is one of the best downloadable game I have ever played and for $10? I’d say that’s a steal! If this was a full $60 game I probably wouldn’t buy it but since it’s so cheap I took the deal and it was worth it!  I would recommend this game to anyone who likes online shooters.

Rating: 9.7/10