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Burnout Paradise Big Surf Island

Platforms: PS3, Xbox 360, PC

ESRB: E+10 for everyone ten and up

PEGI: 7+ for seven and up

          One of my favorite racing games is back with DLC. Burnout Paradise had many a DLC but this one was special. It had a ton of content only to be rivaled by the cops and robbers DLC that came a close second to this game. Criterion Games released lots of DLC for this game but most of them were just car packs. I’m fine with that and I loved the cops and robbers that came with a new game mode but I needed a new place to explore. This DLC delivers. You get many cars that you can unlock, (which is half the fun) a new area, more trophies, and more challenges!

One of the examples of the many great stunt areas.

           This game makes a complete overhaul of the main screen of the game adding new colors and adding a banner to the Paradise City logo that says “Big Surf Island”. This add-on delivered a new type of challenge called Island Tours where you race in a timed checkpoint manner throughout the island while finding out all the little ramps and jumps that make these games fun. Oh you say your favorite DLC pack for this game was the legendary car pack or the toy car pack? Well this has you covered because toy burnout versions of the Delorean time machine, the Ghost Busters car, KIT, and General Lee are all unlockable by finding all the billboards and such. The first car you get which is already available to you is the Carson Dust Storm which is a Dune Buggy and one of the most fun cars to drive in this game only to be beaten by the Carson Dust Storm Super Turbo. If you haven’t guessed it, that is the car you get for completing the burning route for the original Dust Storm. More so there are still three other cars to unlock in this DLC which are improved versions of the Annihilator and Olympus and a diamond studded P12. There are many different Places to visit. More importantly to jump off of, which seems to be the game’s main purpose other than crashing your own and other people’s cars. There are many huge jumps such as the ski jump, the construction site jump, and the jump that sends you flying through a giant doughnut. These jumps are too massive to be called “Super Jumps” instead they have been dubbed “Mega Jumps” just hearing that makes me want to play the game right now.

The perfect vacation to smash your and others priceless cars.

         There wasn’t any massive flaws or many small flaws but there are a couple I found. The first thing was it’s quick to find everything, to someone who plays this game at a normal pace will find everything in a few weeks but, if you’re a person who loves this game and tries to find everything then it only takes a few days. The majority of the achievements are easy to get so it will take you the same time to get 100% that it took to find everything.

          Overall I think Big Surf Island is a welcome addition to the Burnout series and should not be overlooked.It took me down to that Paradise City again and the grass was pretty green. It has beautiful cars and graphics. and many jumps that keep on making you jump off of them again and again and again. and with the price relatively low for such a DLC If you have the game you should get it. I recommend this to people who have this game or love Burnout and racing games.

Rating: 9/10


Review: Burnout Paradise

Posted: November 21, 2011 in Review
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ESRB: E+10 for every one 10 and up – Violence, Language

Platforms: PC, PS3, Xbox 360

          Burnout Paradise is Criterion’s 5th main game in the Burnout series and what a game it is! It is an open world racing game that sets you in the large coastal town of Paradise City. You drive around doing events like races and the classic road rage. What’s neat about this game is you try to win every way possible. That mostly includes destroying the opponent’s car delaying them before they respawn. every so often when you complete a set number of missions a car enters Paradise City during free roam. Your goal is to destroy or “takedown” the car to add it to your garage. Also every now and then you rank up a licence. When you do that you get a new car and all the stats on your previously done events are reset to let you work toward your new licence

          The online is pretty fun also. You choose a group to join and you either do events with them or you just drive around doing stunts and trying to takedown each other. It ends up really fun if 5 people are trying to take you down on top of a parking garage. Sometimes you can show off the places you got to with a jump that you weren’t supposed to be able to go to. Like in the singleplayer there is many things to keep you entertained.

          There is many things to do in Paradise city to keep you playing for a hour or two, but after a while I thought all the events where kind of repetitive after two hours. (Espescialy if you got your Burnout Lisence.) So I recommend playing the singleplayer no longer than 2 hours or else it will get repetitive. If it does why not try multiplayer for a while? I thought this was an amazing racing game and will apeal to any racing game fans.

Rating: 9/10