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Review: Far Cry 2

Posted: June 27, 2012 in Review
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Far Cry 2

Rating: 8.0/10 — Fun

Platforms: PS3, Xbox 360, PC

ESRB: M for Blood, Violence, Strong Language, Sexual Themes

PEGI: 16+ for Realistic Looking Violence, Strong Language


        Well its not always that you find a game that is this different and unique. Far Cry 2 delivers a lush and invigorating experience, that lasts 25-30 Hours Long, but don’t expect to be coming back that much, atleast for the Campaign anyways.


        The Campaign starts you out as a Character that you choose at the beginning of the game. This means that the other AI’s in the game will not be calling you by name, which definitely deprives the story’s emotional aspect in some ways. You are a secret Covert Op from another country, sent to Africa to stop these Gang Fights, caused by a very bad dude who is arming both sides. Sounds like a pretty good story right? Well the game delivers it in a very bland and stale way, where you come to a point of not caring about a single story aspect, and just playing the way it should be, a sandbox game.

        You start off in a truck riding into this African village, the car is ambushed and you run for shelter. You wake up with Malaria, a common African or tropical disease caused by Mosquitos. You are too weak to get up, because “The Jakal” (the bad man) is standing over you, talking crap to your face. He leaves you there in the middle of a firefight, waiting for the malaria to claim your life. Now, the only reason I remember the Name “The Jakal” is because its on every Loading screen.

        The game has a lot of very interesting mechanics, you’ll fall on a wood floor and have to pull splinters out of your fingers, you’ll get shot and have to use tweezers to rip bullets out of your arm. Its very gruesome at times, and can be very unforgiving. You’ll have to play nice with the local towns people to be able to acquire malaria medicine. You’ll have moments where you’ll have to decide to kill or not to kill a person. It’s very interesting, and hits home at times. The game also features a dynamic weather system, and Night / Day cycle. The weapons you use will also degrade over time, and Jam, causing you not to trust the guns you may find on the ground, and making you want to force over a little bit more dough at the black Market just to make sure that nothing goes wrong on an infiltration. The currency system works in a way that you have to scavenge for Diamonds on the ground, or earn them on missions. Another cool thing to note is that it features a great fire system, where if you shoot at brush, or throw a molotov into a forest, it will start to burn, and spread into a wildfire.

Mmmm… Fire… I like Fire….



        The multiplayer aspect of the game is just bland. Its cool that you can ride around in the vehicles and all, but the maps are always so massive that its constantly hide and seek. So you having a good time all depends on if you get a well made map. There is no leveling system, it’s just an interesting little system that you’ll enjoy for a few matches. Each round, everyone has the same gun, and every kill, you earn a Diamond, you can then spend those diamonds on cooler more deadly weapons. This is cool and all, but the problem is again the maps! So why are the maps such a big deal… Well… there is a Map Editor. And this is a great thing, but the problem is, when you create a map, you can host a match on your map, which is awesome, but the game doesn’t support and Dedicated Servers with the official Ubisoft Maps! So if you want to play a good multiplayer match, on a balanced multiplayer map, you can’t, your always going to end up with some poorly done map made by some junky in his moms basement.

Man… Don’t explosions in the desert look so much more Freaking AWESOME!


Map Editor

        Now, the map editor is like I said the Nuisance of multiplayer, but I don’t think your going to miss it much. In fact, the map editor is the reason you should pick this game up in the first place. Its a blast, and a really good tool. Now don’t think your ever going to take these maps to multiplayer, but they are so fun by themselves.

        Now please, I beg you to watch this video made by the guys at IGN. It will better explain the map editor more than I could ever do. Just copy and paste the link into your URL bar above.

        The disappointment of this tool, is the fact that the game is based around Africa, so if you are looking to build a big modern military base, your out of luck. Or you could just put together a bunch of little tiny medians, trees, and bamboo to form a big skyscraper.  You can go to the community of uploaded maps, and download something for you to mess around with in the editor. I can just search for a race track, it will bring up a whole slew of options, choose one, download, open it in the map editor, drop in to play, and drive that race track. Theres always fun to be had, here.


        The game delivers a very interesting experince, and its fun to play. Don’t expect to get through the entire 30 hour campaign, but expect to be sitting on the map editor for generations and generations to come.




-Interesting Mechanics

-Realistic Physics (Day/Night, Weather, Fire,  etc)

– Map. Editor.

-Long Lasting Gameplay


-Multiplayer map situation





Sound: 8.0    Average Sound Display


Graphics: 8.8    Great!


Playability: 8.5    Not something that noobs can pick up, but easier than GRFS


Gameplay: 9.0    Very new and different mechanics, very fun.


Plot: 7.5    Good plot, badly displayed.


Replay Value: 6.0    As with most extremely long games, I dont think its something you’ll play twice. 🙂



OVERALL: 8.0 / 10