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Quote 4

Posted: June 28, 2012 in Quote
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“We are going to blow the Living Crap out of those Dirt Bags until we don’t have anything left to shoot ’em with! And then: we are going to strangle them with their own Living GUTS!”

-Sgt. Johnston, Halo Combat Evolved


Review: Halo Reach

Posted: March 23, 2012 in Review
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ESRB: Mature: >Violence; Mild Language
PEGI: 16: > Realistic Violence, Online Play
Written By: HappyFunRun
An author at Mildly Confused gamer
          Oh what a breath of fresh clean air it is, when you can break free from stereotype games, and go for a fresh fun feel. This feeling is Boasted when a blockbuster title like Halo comes along. The hype on Halo 4 is pretty big, and with that hype, we thought we might review its stunning predecessor.
          The story picks up right before the events of the original Halo: Combat Evolved, you take on the role of Noble 6, a skilled pilot that is now joining the incredible Noble Team. Noble team is a group of Elite Spartans, living on Reach. Yes, Reach. Reach is a planet, supposedly discovered by humans years back, and is a planet can sustain life. So it is inhabited by our own, and has some stunning cities rising above the gorgeous Mountains. The Covenant, a fierce alien Race, is apparently something humanity has known about for a while, and is afraid of. That fright gets a thousand times worse when Noble infiltrates a farming area, that was supposedly attacked by rebels, you go there only to find that it was really covenant, and are forced into a firefight. Yeah that’s right, they’re on reach, and they want to kill. Did I mention reach is pretty important? The game takes you across reach, the cities, deserts, arctic, and notably one mission where you take control of a sabre starfighter, and get to see some stunning views of reach. The game features very strong characters, that you can easily love. And even though you are a faceless dude, you still have a nice moral incentive to stay alive. The story is tragic, and will be gripping your heart by the end of this 5-6 Hour game.
          Multiplayer, was originally not a big part at all of the halo franchise, but every game, it got more and more popular. Multiplayer is a very hard part, and all the newbies will have a pretty rough life if they are not skilled. Multiplayer has some very diverse maps, and some great game modes that really put the icing on the cake: Notably a playlist called, Action Sack, which features a whole list of community made game modes. Halo is a wonderful party game, split screen is just amazing, and if 4 players isn’t enough, the game supports 2 players going online together. As you rank up and earn points, you spend those points as a Currency, with that you can buy armor, helmets, and other gear for your spartan.
          You can change your color, and emblem, but that is free. This currency system is bungie’s way of blurring the line between Singleplayer and Competitive Multiplayer, because you can still earn cash in singleplayer, by competing with your buddies to get the most kills, or also in Firefight.
          Firefight is Halos Horde Mode, Your able to take on a wide arrange of enemies, across some diverse small-sized maps, specifically made for Firefight. This mode is very custom, you can set which enemies come at which times, how long they come, when different rounds come and go, and how long the match is. You can also set loadouts for the game if you would like any. This is just one of Halos customizability.
          Custom Games, are basically local multiplayer, but as the name implies, its custom, very custom. What I like about Halo, and what I think makes it shine so much, how personal it is. You can have FULL CUSTOMIZABILITY, (How fast you move, how high you jump, what weapons people can use, it goes on and on and on) And that customizability is not really supported in Campaign and Multiplayer, you can use this feature in Firefight, Custom Games, and Forge.
          Forge is your huge open world builder. Its massive, and its amazing. One misconception about Forge, is that its a level editor, that’s not the case, because you can’t actually change the terrain or structure of a map. Forge is there, so you can change where, and what weapons are placed around the map, where the spawn points are in a map, your able to change those kinds of things. But then there is forge world, this huge building space, your given thousands of objects to use, walls, floors, bridges,
etc. Build a base, build an airport and stick a banshee on it, build your dream structure, or make some 3D art with floating objects. Its something very fun to mess around on, and you can actually get pretty competitive. Its cool when you are in a shootout in forge, and you all of a sudden pull out a gravity hammer, and own them all, or your friend spawns a banshee and flies away, its endless.
          Halo REACH is something fresh, and I think its something every shooter fan should pick up. Though the story is not the strongest (And halo has never had) it still stands as the best in the series. With fully customizability, and a nice arsenal at your fingertips, Halo Reach is one to Remember.