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ESRB: E for everyone, comic mischief and mild cartoon violence

Platforms: PS3

          Little BIG Planet 2 is Media Molecule’s sequel to the largely acclaimed Little BIG Planet. Little BIG Planet 2 (or LBP2 as it’s commonly abbreviated) is an entertaining PS3 exclusive platformer that expands on Little BIG Planet’s idea of Play, Create, and Share. It allows you to create a level or whole games and then post it online in a massive online community.

The game lets you command a little sack person who you can customize with skins and clothing that you unlock in the story levels. if you happen to have Little BIG Planet, you can import clothing, stickers, and materials that you unlocked in that game to this game. The story is about worlds made up of imagination and dreams, it is going to be destroyed by an evil vacuum called the Negitivitron. So you go jumping world to world doing platformer style levels where you can unlock materials for create mode, stickers, and costumes. In the end you destroy the evil vacuum and save all of  craft world.

The create mode is pretty unique. you can make levels with items and materials that you unlock from the story mode. Then you can publish that level in an online community to be reviewed and liked. You can also play other levels made by other creators.

Overall I think Little BIG Planet 2 is a great game and is highly recommended to children for the fun in making levels. I think that the Story mode is pretty good especially, but the creating and online aspect is where this game shines.

Rating: 9.8/10