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Review: Minecraft

Posted: March 7, 2012 in Review
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ESRB: None

Platforms: PC, Xbox 360 coming soon

          Minecraft is made by the indie developer Mojang. It has gone through many updates and changes throughout the game’s life. The game costs $26.95 and can be bought at the main site here. It has a free version but it is the most basic first version of the game and you won’t get the full experience at all. This game is a game about creativeness and ingenuity. You place different kinds of blocks to build buildings and pixel art. Also there  is an item in the game called redstone, and it basically acts as wire. You can build all kinds of logical contraptions with it.

          The singleplayer is a really fun aspect of this game. There are three game modes. Survival, Hardcore, and Creative. In Survival you basically have to craft and gather all your materials and tools and build a house so you can survive the night. The day cycles between day and night. In night-time you are advised to build and take shelter in a house you can build with the materials you’ve gathered. The reason for that is because all kinds of monsters spawn in the dark. Hardcore is simply survival but stuck on the hardest setting and you only have one life. In Creative you can fly over the terrain, and choose any material or tool in a pop-up menu, you can even spawn mobs! Also you are invincible and hostile mobs do not attack you unless you attack them first, and you can instantly destroy blocks. Also when you make a world you can set a spawn seed which makes a specific world and you can choose to make the world “super flat” where it  is all flat except for NPC Villages and other mobs.

          The multiplayer is a huge variety of things. you could play a specially made zombie survival map. You could make fabulous buildings in a creative server with your buddies or of course you could survive nights with your buddies in survival. There are so many different servers and some even have mods!

           Overall Minecraft is the best indie game I have ever played and one of the best games I’ve played. It has an open world singleplayer with no instructions or apparent story and really good gameplay. The multiplayer has many variations and I wouldn’t be able to try them all! I really love this game, and with new content coming almost every month in updates it will keep on being a better game.

Rating: 9.8/10




This is an epic minecraft parody.