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Left 4 Dead 2

Platforms: Xbox 360, PC

ESRB: M for Mature – Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Language

PEGI: 18 for eighteen and up – Extreme Violence

          Ah, the sequel to VALVe’s massive zombie killing game (since it’s number “2” it still holds up the fact that valve can’t count to three) Left 4 Dead 2 is a different type of zombie game from the likes of Resident Evil, and follows down the road of games like Dead Rising. So instead of constant suspense for the two enemies in the level that you have to face with a pea shooter with one bullet, you are present with a nearly constant onslaught of weak zombies from all sides that you face with your M16 with explosive rounds. Yup, pretty different.

They can’t touch Ellis’ Boomstick!

The Campaign has Five small missions that have 5 parts that all link together. Despite that you can still go into the menu and choose the missions all out of order. You have two ways to play it- join a lobby with people as partners or, play singleplayer with bots as your teammates. Besides those, there are three other main game modes. Survival- where you get together with three other people and try to survive as long as you can, sometimes throwing four or more special infected at you. Versus- where 8 players try to play the campaign but, four of them are infected and spawn as random special zombies to kill all the survivors before they reach the end. And Scavenge-  it works a lot like Versus but, instead of running through the level, the survivors try and collect gas cans to start a car so they can escape. Most of the game modes also have a realism mode, where you can’t see your teammates behind walls, ect.

This game is very centered around multiplayer and working together. Almost all of the game modes will put you in with a group. Either get in the mindset now or learn later but, this is not the game to run away by yourself. Special Infected will attack you and most of them, like the hunter, jockey, and charger, can pin you down and you can do nothing about it. So make sure you hang around your teammates so they can shoot those pesky Jockeys off of you!

They’re fire-proof?!

This game is amazing, but I do have some complaints. One is that you can not aim down the sights of a gun unless it has a scope on it, which follows the example of their previous game, counter strike. The other one is that  the campaign is short. It does come with all of the campaigns from the original game but, If you already finished them you don’t have much to do.

This is a great game that is at a great price. Even with those flaws, It is one of the best zombie games I have played. I would recommend it to any Valve fan, anyone who likes non stop action, or anyone who likes zombie games.


  • Great acting
  • Constant action
  • Good Multiplayer


  • No aim down sight
  • Short Campaign

Sound —————- 9.5/ 10 Amazing Music and the voices really complete the effect.

Graphics ————- 8.7/ 10 Better than most Source games but not as good as Portal 2 or Team Fortress 2

Playability ———– 9.3/ 10 Very easy to pick up and understand, but can still give you a challenge

Plot——————- 8.8/ 10  Unique and Cool, mostly focusing on character development

Replay Value ——– 9.5/ 10 Many different game modes to come back to after you finish the campaign

OVERALL ———– 9.1/10


Review: Portal 2

Posted: July 5, 2012 in Review
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Portal 2

Platforms: PS3, Xbox 360, PC

ESRB: E+10 for Everyone ten and up – Fantasy Violence, Mild Language

PEGI: 12 for twelve and up – Non realistic looking violence towards human characters – Mild bad language
This game allows the player to interact with other players ONLINE

          People always say good things come to those who wait, and VALVe always tests the patience of many gamers with their sequel release times. I think more gamers should have more trust in them. They’re just making it the best they can, obvious with this game. (If that’s true, Half Life 3 better be the best game ever.) So after a wait, Portal is back and making you think with portals once again. The game still tests your mind and wits even with all the new features, Including more characters then just Chell and GLaDOS.

Someone forgot to pay the bills…

The story mode has been improve a lot. For one It is much longer in length and two It explains a lot of things you were wondering since Portal hit Steam. There are new characters such as Wheatley, Cave Johnson, and the lovable Space Core. This story has a much more in depth feel than the last one, and not just because it’s longer. You start as Chell (again) and wake up in a stasis room that looks like a cheap motel room that has fallen apart. Well, everything has fallen apart and in some of the worst disrepair ever since you killed the caretaker GLaDOS. Also It has a very atmospheric soundtrack that just about enhances the experience two fold. If you combine that with the amazing voice acting you have a great game even if you lose your computer screen. Also the graphics help with the story a lot. There is actual texture to items in the game, where as in the first game it seemed like they just got the object and put a gloss paint coat on it. This campaign brings more variety to the series because you’re not just in test chambers, you’re also under ground in past layers of Aperture Science where you learn the complicated life of Cave Johnson the CEO and founder of Aperture, and running around behind the scenes in the turret factory wrecking things.

How the crap am I supposed to follow you now, Wheatley?

Multiplayer is amazing, it seems to add 20 completely new tests to the venue. Why are they different? You may ask, well it requires two people. That’s right, CO-OP, in which the tests get progressively harder as you play with a friend online, or split screen, or with a random player.Can you guess what revolutionary idea VALVe added to this game? That’s right, MOAR HATZ! No joke, in CO-OP you control one of two different robots which you can customize with hats and other things that you find and unlock. Also you can compete with your friends in all of the story levels to see who can do it the fastest, or do it with the least amount of portals.

Lasers, fun for the whole family!

I just want to say some things about the map editor they added this past May. (only available on Steam, sorry!) This map editor is very robust and easy to get the hang of, but you can make very impressive test chambers. In Portal 2’s Steam workshop you can download all kinds of amazing maps to play and you can even post yours to get thousands of downloads! It isn’t the stuff the developers used to make the maps in game, but who really wants to spend 10 hours to put one little detail? Yeah that’s what I thought.

I don’t really have any major complaints about this game that you should hear about (I really don’t care about it not having voice chat, it has plenty of other forms of communication ), the graphics are amazing, sound is great, and the story is lengthy and great. Overall this is one of my favorite games of all time and I recommend this to anyone who loves VALVe, Portal, puzzles, or who even has Steam.


  • Great Story
  • Great Multiplayer
  • Intuitive design


  • No voice chat

Sound———- 9.7 The music’s great and the voice acting is amazing

Graphics——- 9 Much better than the first game’s

Playability—– 9 Easy to pick up, hard to master

Plot————- 9.2 Amazing story line

Replay Value– 9 Many things to come back to

Overall 9.2/10

Call of Duty Black Ops: Rezurrection

Platforms: PC, PS3, Xbox 360

ESRB: M for Mature

PEGI: 18 for eighteen and up

          Ah, another one of Call of duty’s repetitive map packs, or is it? This is one of the only map packs that I felt that were worth my money because it is filled with my new favorite game mode. Zombies. That’s right It is filled with FIVE NEW ZOMBIES MAPS!! Or is it? Actually FOUR of those maps are from Treyarch’s last CoD game World at War. Also the four old map packs were included with the Prestige Edition, so if you got that beautiful package you got the last map (moon) for free when it came out! So is it really worth it to shell out fifteen more dollars on pointless maps you already have? Is it worth it for the only new map in the pack, Moon? What if you don’t have World at War? Is it still worth it pulling out fifteen bucks? Or should you just dig around in the cheap section in Walmart for World at War at twenty dollars. (yes I have seen it at that price) New map and five dollars less, or find the game for twenty dollars, and get the zombie DLC bundle for around twenty-five dollars. Wait, I am starting to see why this map pack is a good idea…


          So the five maps are, Nacht Der Untoten (Night), Verruckt (Asylum), Shi No Numa (Swamp), Der Riese (Factory), and the new map, Moon. First off lets talk about Nacht Der Untoten. All of you CoD Veterans remember this as the original zombie map that you got with finishing the campaign in World at War. For those of you that don’t know, this map is the smallest zombies map to date and is set in a German bunker in the forest and (yes you guessed it) at night. It only has 3 rooms, around 4 wall weapons, one perk machine (mule kick) and only one mystery box location! I think this map is easier for beginners because the mystery box is right in the next room making it easier to get started, but it would be harder for people that get past round 12 always, because there isn’t any juggernog, quick revive, speed cola, and traps. Next is Verruckt, this map is set in a asylum (you probably guessed that too) in the middle of a forest (no one knows why). This map is especially tricky even though it has all the amenities that we have came to know and love. The reason it is so tricky is that it has two spawn points, So there is a 50% chance on CO-OP you will spawn apart (after opening a few doors you will get back together). Next is Shi No Numa, which has you fighting Japanese zombies in the swamp, at a command post and some fishing huts. This map is interesting because outside it has bits of swamp that zombies can spawn out of and when you walk on it, it slows you down. Also instead of the normal two different pathways you can go from, this one has four, making some very interesting games! Next there is Der Riese, which is set in a factory (yes, you guessed it, aren’t you so smart?!) at night. This is one of my favorites and plays out much like Kino Der Toten. Lastly there is moon, where you use a teleporter in area 51 to teleport to the moon where you fight of hundreds of zombies. (makes you wonder how many astronauts Russia sent into space) This one is very difficult and different because it has a astronaut in a space suit that works kinda like Call of the Dead’s George Romero except it doesn’t get enraged when you shoot him. Also there is very low gravity and with your space helmet on you can barely hear anything. All I can say is, good luck.

They didn’t send this many people into space in 1969!

There is one obvious flaw staring at you in the face. If you bought World at War and the map packs, your basically paying for one new map and a graphical upgrade! Which is up to you to decide if its worth your fifteen bucks.

If you don’t have World a War and all the DLC, this is a sure buy, especially if you’re a zombie fan. It gives you five exciting maps with amazing sound, graphics, and some sort of plot underneath all the zombies. I recommend this to anyone who doesn’t have World at War and the DLC or is a major zombie fan!


  • Five exciting maps with different experiences.


  • Four of the maps are old maps.


Sound ———— 9.5  The zombie’s moans and howls are very immersive  and the character’s lines are very humorous

Graphics ——— 8 They aren’t the best but they’re better than the average

Playability ——- 9.3 easy to control but easy to rage quit, n00bs be warned

Plot ————— N/A

Replay Value —- 9.5 This is the main reason why I keep coming back to Black Ops

Overall: 9.0/10

Call of Duty Black Ops

Rating: 9.0 / 10

Platforms: PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, PC, NDS (Spin off)

ESRB: Intense Violence, Strong Language, Blood and Gore

PEGI: Extreme violence – Violence towards defenceless people – Strong language

Written By: HappyFunRun
An Author at Mildly Confused Gamer
        Well, you can disagree, but it seems to me that Treyarch is always the one who innovates the Call of Duty Franchise. If your a CoD fan, you’d be an idiot not to own this title, and if your a shooter fan who just likes to sit down, play some matches and hang out with friends, and then walk away until the next time you play it (Which is usually within a few hours or the next day) than this is definitely the game for you.
        The game really drives the Call of Duty series forward in a sense that it gives a more Mature grip on the franchise, and gives a more serious feel, one that MW3 a year later definitely did not.
        The Campaign is by far the best in the franchise, but also a very mature and gritty one as well. If you want the usual “The hero always win” Stuff, than walk away. It starts you out in a torture chair, you play as Alex Mason, a delusional and just plain insane man, that doesn’t remember his past. You play through the campaign in this interrogation sequence, and having flashbacks (or the missions themselves) each one putting together a piece of the story. The story is very sad and like I said mature, and gritty. The storyline is top notch, and will leave you very satisfied.
        As usual with the CoD series, it delivers this awesome Cinematic experience, like a playable movie. This game is one to feature a lot of vehicles and toys to play with, but remember, these are linear based, so you cant just free roam like BF. The campaign is exciting and keeps you on your toes, brining you to a lot of different locations, to keep everything fresh.

I don’t remember the Indians having Explosive Bows…



Like I said, Treyarch is one to innovate. They did a lot here, to keep it exciting. The biggest notable change is the way that you level up and get your gear. The new system is a currency system, that you earn per kill, headshot, etc. This is a fun fresh feel to the classic addicting multiplayer CoD has to offer. You still have to level up to get your weapons, and then buy them, but everything else is unlocked from the start, and its your choice how how lay the dough: On Camos, Perks, Reticle, Reticle Colors, Lens Colors, Putting your name and emblem on your gun, it’s your choice. The only problem with this, is it feels a lot more easy to get a lot of stuff than in past CoD’s. Luckily, there are 5 more Prestiges this time around.

The Currency system brings on the room for a lot more interesting features. The notable one here, is Wager Matches. These are free for all based matches where you gamble in your money, and the winner gets the dough. These matches are ones where you start out with a pistol, and with every kill you get a better gun, or in another mode, everyone has a pistol, and only 1 bullet to anywhere will kill a person, with every kill you get another bullet, and you have 3 lives, the last man standing wins.

I mentioned emblems earlier, in this game, you can create your own emblem, which is just outright cool, the problem though is that people create some pretty nasty emblems, and its just outright gross.

Private matches are a blast, you can customize your match to the inner parts, change peoples health, set your own classes, change how fast people move, its just awesome. Another private match game, is Combat Training, an AI based multiplayer, where you can practice your skills before jumping online with all the critics and whiny kids.

Overall, you will have a ton of fun with this multiplayer mode, there is a lot to be had here.

I don’t think the Cubans are happy were having a firefight in their streets…



You may remember the “Thank You for Playing” Level from WaW, that you got when you completed the Campaign, called Nazi Zombies, that became an instant success, and ended up becoming the focal point of the game, with more maps being released. Well, they have brought that back in Blops with it being one of the official modes. Its back and its fun.

The game is simple, survive. You fend off against endless waves of Zombies, you have points that you earn per kill, and you spend them on opening more sections of the map, guns, perks, etc. How long can you survive?

It comes with 2 zombie maps, and 1 bonus funny one, and 4 available through DLC. (not counting the originals also available through DLC). The two maps are Kino Der Toten, thats just as fun and uses the same concepts as the last WaW zombie map Der Reise, and there is Five, the funny zombie map, where you blast their heads off playing as famous people, like Kennedy, Robert Macnamara, Nixon, and Castro. These maps are way fun and can be played with up to 4 players on line, and 2 split screen Co-op.

Yes… Even Zombies have to go through Security First…



Overall, this is the best CoD to date, and I think Blops 2 will total surpass this one in everything, especially in innovation. This game delivers a lot, and if your a multiplayer buff who loves fast furious multiplayer, or just loves to hang with friends and game, definitely pick this one up.


-Great Campaign and Plot

-Very Accessible

-Great and innovative Multiplayer

-Zombies, Zombies Zombies


-Easier than usual Multiplayer


Sound: 8.5    Great Sound


Graphics: 7.7     Could be better, lighting needs to be upgraded


Playability: 9.5     Very, very accessible


Gameplay: 8.7     Mixes it up, fresh, fun, cinematic, fast


Plot: 9.7     Amazing plot, one of the best I’ve Seen


Replay Value: 9.0    Awesome replay value, keep you coming back.



OVERALL: 9.0/10

Review: Far Cry 2

Posted: June 27, 2012 in Review
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Far Cry 2

Rating: 8.0/10 — Fun

Platforms: PS3, Xbox 360, PC

ESRB: M for Blood, Violence, Strong Language, Sexual Themes

PEGI: 16+ for Realistic Looking Violence, Strong Language


        Well its not always that you find a game that is this different and unique. Far Cry 2 delivers a lush and invigorating experience, that lasts 25-30 Hours Long, but don’t expect to be coming back that much, atleast for the Campaign anyways.


        The Campaign starts you out as a Character that you choose at the beginning of the game. This means that the other AI’s in the game will not be calling you by name, which definitely deprives the story’s emotional aspect in some ways. You are a secret Covert Op from another country, sent to Africa to stop these Gang Fights, caused by a very bad dude who is arming both sides. Sounds like a pretty good story right? Well the game delivers it in a very bland and stale way, where you come to a point of not caring about a single story aspect, and just playing the way it should be, a sandbox game.

        You start off in a truck riding into this African village, the car is ambushed and you run for shelter. You wake up with Malaria, a common African or tropical disease caused by Mosquitos. You are too weak to get up, because “The Jakal” (the bad man) is standing over you, talking crap to your face. He leaves you there in the middle of a firefight, waiting for the malaria to claim your life. Now, the only reason I remember the Name “The Jakal” is because its on every Loading screen.

        The game has a lot of very interesting mechanics, you’ll fall on a wood floor and have to pull splinters out of your fingers, you’ll get shot and have to use tweezers to rip bullets out of your arm. Its very gruesome at times, and can be very unforgiving. You’ll have to play nice with the local towns people to be able to acquire malaria medicine. You’ll have moments where you’ll have to decide to kill or not to kill a person. It’s very interesting, and hits home at times. The game also features a dynamic weather system, and Night / Day cycle. The weapons you use will also degrade over time, and Jam, causing you not to trust the guns you may find on the ground, and making you want to force over a little bit more dough at the black Market just to make sure that nothing goes wrong on an infiltration. The currency system works in a way that you have to scavenge for Diamonds on the ground, or earn them on missions. Another cool thing to note is that it features a great fire system, where if you shoot at brush, or throw a molotov into a forest, it will start to burn, and spread into a wildfire.

Mmmm… Fire… I like Fire….



        The multiplayer aspect of the game is just bland. Its cool that you can ride around in the vehicles and all, but the maps are always so massive that its constantly hide and seek. So you having a good time all depends on if you get a well made map. There is no leveling system, it’s just an interesting little system that you’ll enjoy for a few matches. Each round, everyone has the same gun, and every kill, you earn a Diamond, you can then spend those diamonds on cooler more deadly weapons. This is cool and all, but the problem is again the maps! So why are the maps such a big deal… Well… there is a Map Editor. And this is a great thing, but the problem is, when you create a map, you can host a match on your map, which is awesome, but the game doesn’t support and Dedicated Servers with the official Ubisoft Maps! So if you want to play a good multiplayer match, on a balanced multiplayer map, you can’t, your always going to end up with some poorly done map made by some junky in his moms basement.

Man… Don’t explosions in the desert look so much more Freaking AWESOME!


Map Editor

        Now, the map editor is like I said the Nuisance of multiplayer, but I don’t think your going to miss it much. In fact, the map editor is the reason you should pick this game up in the first place. Its a blast, and a really good tool. Now don’t think your ever going to take these maps to multiplayer, but they are so fun by themselves.

        Now please, I beg you to watch this video made by the guys at IGN. It will better explain the map editor more than I could ever do. Just copy and paste the link into your URL bar above.

        The disappointment of this tool, is the fact that the game is based around Africa, so if you are looking to build a big modern military base, your out of luck. Or you could just put together a bunch of little tiny medians, trees, and bamboo to form a big skyscraper.  You can go to the community of uploaded maps, and download something for you to mess around with in the editor. I can just search for a race track, it will bring up a whole slew of options, choose one, download, open it in the map editor, drop in to play, and drive that race track. Theres always fun to be had, here.


        The game delivers a very interesting experince, and its fun to play. Don’t expect to get through the entire 30 hour campaign, but expect to be sitting on the map editor for generations and generations to come.




-Interesting Mechanics

-Realistic Physics (Day/Night, Weather, Fire,  etc)

– Map. Editor.

-Long Lasting Gameplay


-Multiplayer map situation





Sound: 8.0    Average Sound Display


Graphics: 8.8    Great!


Playability: 8.5    Not something that noobs can pick up, but easier than GRFS


Gameplay: 9.0    Very new and different mechanics, very fun.


Plot: 7.5    Good plot, badly displayed.


Replay Value: 6.0    As with most extremely long games, I dont think its something you’ll play twice. 🙂



OVERALL: 8.0 / 10

Review: Portal

Posted: June 6, 2012 in Review
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Platforms: PC, PS3, Xbox 360

ESRB: T for Teen – Blood, Mild Violence

PEGI: 12+ for everyone twelve and up – Non realistic looking violence towards human characters

          Portal is the main game if you want challenging puzzles and a pretty decent story. This game is made by the innovative fellows at VALVe, the same people that made Half-Life, Left 4 Dead, and Team Fortress 2. This game was nominated for many awards for most original story and won most of them. This is a game that can let you escape the normal gritty military shooters and challenge you brain, not how fast you can twitch.

That big red button gets me every time…


          The story is the whole thing. Even though it is short, it has many exciting turn-points, and they aren’t exciting because there are just big explosions. No, there is actual drama with an actual plot. So you begin the game as Chell, a lone test subject in the Aperture science facility that an insane AI named GLaDOS has taken over. GLaDOS has you trapped doing tests with your physics defying portal gun that progressively get harder. As you complete a final test, the deranged AI promises you freedom and cake, then whoops! she tries to kill you (big surprise) by putting you on a moving platform that goes right into a fire. Of course you use your handy-dandy portal gun to escape the sticky situation. After you get out of the test chambers you work your way up to the AI through the inner workings of the facility. When you finally get up to where she is you knock off and burn each of her intelligence cores. once you do that everything gets blown up and you get blasted to the surface, unconscious. While the game is ending you drearily open your eyes to see the parking lot of the facility, and that you are slowly getting pulled back… The ending I thought was genius, same with the rest of the story. The story is only 3 hours long if your quick but it’s seems like 10.

There isn’t a multiplayer, but there is 6 advanced levels and 6 challenge levels, which are the last 6 hardest tests. The advanced versions are the same hard test, but they’re even harder because tools have been taken away and more obstacles placed. The challenge levels are the same tests from the story but you are challenged to do it in the least amount of time possible, or steps possible, or portals possible.

If Isaac Newton saw this, he would have a heart attack.

This game has several large flaws that smack you in the face while playing this game. One is that the story is really short, even with all the plot twists. And the other big thing that bugs me is that there is no multiplayer! So the only thing that you can do that’s new after the story is the challenge levels, which are fun, but they are nearly the same maps you did in the story, not entirely new experiences.

Overall Portal is an innovative, great game, and for ten dollars on steam (2.50 when it’s on sale) it just dethroned Battlefield 1943 for the best bargain. It is a great puzzle game that actually has a captivating story. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of great puzzle games, they just don’t have amazing stories. Even with the flaws, I will never regret buying this game.


  • Inovative
  • Good story8
  • Challenging puzzles


  • Short story
  • No Multiplayer


Sound ———– 9     The sound is great with amazing actors

Graphics——— 7.5  They’re not bad, but not good either

Playability——– 9.5 Controls are easy to use and easy to learn

Plot————— 9.3 Very original but lack explanation

Replay Value—- 8  Some additional levels but not much

OVERALL: 8.6/10

Burnout Paradise Big Surf Island

Platforms: PS3, Xbox 360, PC

ESRB: E+10 for everyone ten and up

PEGI: 7+ for seven and up

          One of my favorite racing games is back with DLC. Burnout Paradise had many a DLC but this one was special. It had a ton of content only to be rivaled by the cops and robbers DLC that came a close second to this game. Criterion Games released lots of DLC for this game but most of them were just car packs. I’m fine with that and I loved the cops and robbers that came with a new game mode but I needed a new place to explore. This DLC delivers. You get many cars that you can unlock, (which is half the fun) a new area, more trophies, and more challenges!

One of the examples of the many great stunt areas.

           This game makes a complete overhaul of the main screen of the game adding new colors and adding a banner to the Paradise City logo that says “Big Surf Island”. This add-on delivered a new type of challenge called Island Tours where you race in a timed checkpoint manner throughout the island while finding out all the little ramps and jumps that make these games fun. Oh you say your favorite DLC pack for this game was the legendary car pack or the toy car pack? Well this has you covered because toy burnout versions of the Delorean time machine, the Ghost Busters car, KIT, and General Lee are all unlockable by finding all the billboards and such. The first car you get which is already available to you is the Carson Dust Storm which is a Dune Buggy and one of the most fun cars to drive in this game only to be beaten by the Carson Dust Storm Super Turbo. If you haven’t guessed it, that is the car you get for completing the burning route for the original Dust Storm. More so there are still three other cars to unlock in this DLC which are improved versions of the Annihilator and Olympus and a diamond studded P12. There are many different Places to visit. More importantly to jump off of, which seems to be the game’s main purpose other than crashing your own and other people’s cars. There are many huge jumps such as the ski jump, the construction site jump, and the jump that sends you flying through a giant doughnut. These jumps are too massive to be called “Super Jumps” instead they have been dubbed “Mega Jumps” just hearing that makes me want to play the game right now.

The perfect vacation to smash your and others priceless cars.

         There wasn’t any massive flaws or many small flaws but there are a couple I found. The first thing was it’s quick to find everything, to someone who plays this game at a normal pace will find everything in a few weeks but, if you’re a person who loves this game and tries to find everything then it only takes a few days. The majority of the achievements are easy to get so it will take you the same time to get 100% that it took to find everything.

          Overall I think Big Surf Island is a welcome addition to the Burnout series and should not be overlooked.It took me down to that Paradise City again and the grass was pretty green. It has beautiful cars and graphics. and many jumps that keep on making you jump off of them again and again and again. and with the price relatively low for such a DLC If you have the game you should get it. I recommend this to people who have this game or love Burnout and racing games.

Rating: 9/10