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Little BIG Planet

Platform: PS3

ESRB: E for Everyone – Comic Mischief, Mild Cartoon Violence

PEGI: 7 for seven and up – non realistic violence toward fantasy characters, pictures and sounds likely to be scary to young children, and you can play online with one or more people.

         Little Big Planet is the first game in a large group of “Play Create Share” games then was followed with games like Mod Nation Racers. This is the first game of the two Little Big Planet series and it is well put together for Media Molecule’s first “big” game, and it sure was a hit! The game set you in control of Sackboy whom you can customize with clothing you can unlock in the story levels. You could dress up as a soldier, or a ninja, or even a turkey headed birthday cake with sunglasses and mittens. Yup, that much customization. So Sackboy is a living sown sack with feelings. you can quite literally change his expressions with a push of a button. So he lives in Craft World a collection of planets that pop up into existence from hopes and dreams that float up into the air.

Just hangin' with my peeps in LBP.

          The story mode is quite fun and travels from area to area and person to person you are trying to help. All the while you are trying to stop the evil Collector who is kidnapping people and items from the story and eventually you have to save them. You start the story in the Gardens where the King and Queen teach you the basics in this world all the while you see things that aren’t right. Such as you see fleeting glimpses of the collector or things get sucked into the sky. When you start the game you have no idea who the heck is doing this until later in the game. Once you are done with his levels you get sent to the Savanna to do levels there and go on through the worlds. During the levels you can find prize bubbles which can hold stickers, materials and decorations, and costume pieces. You use Stickers to place in levels and to decorate your levels. You use materials and decorations for making your own levels in create mode. (More on that later.) Finally if you didn’t figure it out already, you use costume pieces to customize your Sackboy. Also in the story levels you might find a key. The keys unlock little side fun levels like races and stuff. One of the coolest things of the story mode is that the levels in the story are made with things that you use in creative mode. So you could basically you could create one of the story levels!

          Creative mode is really the shining jewel in this game and the game’s centered around it. You watch some tutorials so you know how to use the tools and materials. If you watch all of them you unlock many things to use during creative. In this mode you can build nearly anything. You could build a giant castle level. Maybe a high-speed racing level. Even a huge military training level. This is where you use materials, stickers, and decorations the most. You use them to make the things that you want to make. If you want to make that castle, you should have the cobblestone material and such.

Ah, the joy of making puffy rainbow trees.

          Online mode is really great. You can post your newly made levels into the community to be rated, hearted, and tagged. Even more so you can play other people’s levels, so you basically never run out of levels because there is usually a new level posted every ten seconds. You can check out your friend’s levels and heart other creators so you can get to their world quickly to check their levels and such. You can even play with up to four players over an online connection with almost any level you want! Also to make things easier for you the developers created the cool wall, which shows the top played and top hearted levels so you can try some good levels that way.

           Sadly this game is not without it’s flaws. One of the big ones is that there is quite the limitation to gadgets that you can make compared to LBP2. Furthermore some of the community’s levels are worse than par. I know that it’s a family game and most of the people that create levels are six year olds and people don’t get that, but some of the levels they didn’t even try on. The main example of that is a level that starts you at the ending checkpoint with nothing else in it. The story is pretty good and fun but it is kind of predictable and you couldn’t really fall in love with the characters, Except for your turkey headed, birthday cake Sackboy of course!

           Overall this game is a good cheap game that is good with families because the four player split-screen and the co-op elements. If you had enough to buy this or the second you should get the second because the story is better and there is more you can do on it. If you already have the second one I would recommend this to you. I would also recommend this to any one that wants a good family game and has a low budget.

rating: 8.7/10


Ratchet and Clank Future a Crack in Time

ESRB: E+10 for Everyone ten and up – Animated Blood, Comic Mischief, Fantasy Violence

PEGI: 7 for everyone seven and up – Violence

System: PS3

          Ratchet and Clank is back in this new installment in their series! This time Insomniac continued on the past game’s theme. There are many things to do in this game as explorer the many small planets, do side quests, and even find new parts for your weapon. Yup you can customize some of your weapons. This game is a great 3D platformer and has elements that make some of the new Mario games great.

          The campaign is the main focus in the game and that is very much evident in the way it plays. It has pretty good voice acting, great storyline, and many little things that you can collect and find. You start out playing as Clank, he is pretty much Ratchet’s side kick but a main part of the story revolves around him. Anyway you are asleep at the great clock which keeps all the time in the galaxy intact and the main robotic villain Dr. Nefarious and his robot butler Laurence are next to you trying to get access to the clock’s mainframe. When they aren’t paying attention you escape running through the clock’s maze-like hallways and rooms. After a while of playing you switch to Ratchet, Clank’s best friend. He is searching for Ratchet with the famous clumsy and vain public hero Captain Quark. After arguing for a bit they crash land on a mysterious planet that seems to have problems with it’s time field. I will stop there because I don’t want to give away any more spoilers. The story is very compelling and exciting, and is above most other platformers.

           Some of the extras in this game are Agorian Battle Arena where you can get new weapons by going in the arena against an onslaught of enemies. There are four different classes bronze, silver, gold, and finally raritanium. They look like large battle ships in some sectors when you are flying around in your ship. Also when you are in the main lobby there is an 8-bit arcade shooter featuring the blundering Captain Quark. It plays much like the arcade game Smash TV with some different elements thrown in. Also there are many side missions where you collect trash in space or destroy satellites. Furthermore there are several collectibles such as Zoni, the magical creatures that run the Great Clock and upgrade your spaceship, Constructo weapon customizations which unlock new parts for weapons, and Gold Bolts they are basically a huge lump of bolts which serve as the currency in the game.

          Overall this is a great family game. Sadly the only multiplayer element in this is leader-boards to track how many enemies you killed and stuff. Also there isn’t any split screen so if you do get it for your family make sure your kids are fine with the fact they won’t be able to play together. but other than that the story line isn’t just solid, it’s concrete reinforced. I would recomend this to people whom like 3D platformers or want a family friendly game.

Rating: 8.9/10

Review: Super Mario 3D Land

Posted: January 16, 2012 in Review
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ESRB: E for everyone – Mild Cartoon Violence

Platforms: 3DS

          Super Mario 3D Land is like all of the great Mario games but, with a twist. Imagine, Mario 64 combined with any of the classic Mario games, there you have this game! It plays like most Mario games but, you can go frontward and backward. You go and get mushrooms and smash Goombas like any other Mario title. It sure is addicting!

          The story line is basically the same as all the other Mario games. Princess Peach gets kidnapped by Bowser, you have to save her by going through various worlds, defeating Bowser’s minions, and eventually rescuing the princess. This time if you beat the main story you unlock bonus 8 worlds where you have to save Luigi. The multiplayer is basically sharing best times on levels over street pass.

          Overall I think this game is one of the best that the 3DS has to offer. It has great game play and a compelling story. Also it has great hidden items and extra levels to keep you coming back after you beat the story. Really, the only problem I have with this game is that they could have easily put in a multiplayer vs mode or something but, it is a wonderful game nothing less.

Review: 9.5/10


ESRB: E for everyone, comic mischief and mild cartoon violence

Platforms: PS3

          Little BIG Planet 2 is Media Molecule’s sequel to the largely acclaimed Little BIG Planet. Little BIG Planet 2 (or LBP2 as it’s commonly abbreviated) is an entertaining PS3 exclusive platformer that expands on Little BIG Planet’s idea of Play, Create, and Share. It allows you to create a level or whole games and then post it online in a massive online community.

The game lets you command a little sack person who you can customize with skins and clothing that you unlock in the story levels. if you happen to have Little BIG Planet, you can import clothing, stickers, and materials that you unlocked in that game to this game. The story is about worlds made up of imagination and dreams, it is going to be destroyed by an evil vacuum called the Negitivitron. So you go jumping world to world doing platformer style levels where you can unlock materials for create mode, stickers, and costumes. In the end you destroy the evil vacuum and save all of  craft world.

The create mode is pretty unique. you can make levels with items and materials that you unlock from the story mode. Then you can publish that level in an online community to be reviewed and liked. You can also play other levels made by other creators.

Overall I think Little BIG Planet 2 is a great game and is highly recommended to children for the fun in making levels. I think that the Story mode is pretty good especially, but the creating and online aspect is where this game shines.

Rating: 9.8/10