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Review: Portal 2

Posted: July 5, 2012 in Review
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Portal 2

Platforms: PS3, Xbox 360, PC

ESRB: E+10 for Everyone ten and up – Fantasy Violence, Mild Language

PEGI: 12 for twelve and up – Non realistic looking violence towards human characters – Mild bad language
This game allows the player to interact with other players ONLINE

          People always say good things come to those who wait, and VALVe always tests the patience of many gamers with their sequel release times. I think more gamers should have more trust in them. They’re just making it the best they can, obvious with this game. (If that’s true, Half Life 3 better be the best game ever.) So after a wait, Portal is back and making you think with portals once again. The game still tests your mind and wits even with all the new features, Including more characters then just Chell and GLaDOS.

Someone forgot to pay the bills…

The story mode has been improve a lot. For one It is much longer in length and two It explains a lot of things you were wondering since Portal hit Steam. There are new characters such as Wheatley, Cave Johnson, and the lovable Space Core. This story has a much more in depth feel than the last one, and not just because it’s longer. You start as Chell (again) and wake up in a stasis room that looks like a cheap motel room that has fallen apart. Well, everything has fallen apart and in some of the worst disrepair ever since you killed the caretaker GLaDOS. Also It has a very atmospheric soundtrack that just about enhances the experience two fold. If you combine that with the amazing voice acting you have a great game even if you lose your computer screen. Also the graphics help with the story a lot. There is actual texture to items in the game, where as in the first game it seemed like they just got the object and put a gloss paint coat on it. This campaign brings more variety to the series because you’re not just in test chambers, you’re also under ground in past layers of Aperture Science where you learn the complicated life of Cave Johnson the CEO and founder of Aperture, and running around behind the scenes in the turret factory wrecking things.

How the crap am I supposed to follow you now, Wheatley?

Multiplayer is amazing, it seems to add 20 completely new tests to the venue. Why are they different? You may ask, well it requires two people. That’s right, CO-OP, in which the tests get progressively harder as you play with a friend online, or split screen, or with a random player.Can you guess what revolutionary idea VALVe added to this game? That’s right, MOAR HATZ! No joke, in CO-OP you control one of two different robots which you can customize with hats and other things that you find and unlock. Also you can compete with your friends in all of the story levels to see who can do it the fastest, or do it with the least amount of portals.

Lasers, fun for the whole family!

I just want to say some things about the map editor they added this past May. (only available on Steam, sorry!) This map editor is very robust and easy to get the hang of, but you can make very impressive test chambers. In Portal 2’s Steam workshop you can download all kinds of amazing maps to play and you can even post yours to get thousands of downloads! It isn’t the stuff the developers used to make the maps in game, but who really wants to spend 10 hours to put one little detail? Yeah that’s what I thought.

I don’t really have any major complaints about this game that you should hear about (I really don’t care about it not having voice chat, it has plenty of other forms of communication ), the graphics are amazing, sound is great, and the story is lengthy and great. Overall this is one of my favorite games of all time and I recommend this to anyone who loves VALVe, Portal, puzzles, or who even has Steam.


  • Great Story
  • Great Multiplayer
  • Intuitive design


  • No voice chat

Sound———- 9.7 The music’s great and the voice acting is amazing

Graphics——- 9 Much better than the first game’s

Playability—– 9 Easy to pick up, hard to master

Plot————- 9.2 Amazing story line

Replay Value– 9 Many things to come back to

Overall 9.2/10


Review: Portal

Posted: June 6, 2012 in Review
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Platforms: PC, PS3, Xbox 360

ESRB: T for Teen – Blood, Mild Violence

PEGI: 12+ for everyone twelve and up – Non realistic looking violence towards human characters

          Portal is the main game if you want challenging puzzles and a pretty decent story. This game is made by the innovative fellows at VALVe, the same people that made Half-Life, Left 4 Dead, and Team Fortress 2. This game was nominated for many awards for most original story and won most of them. This is a game that can let you escape the normal gritty military shooters and challenge you brain, not how fast you can twitch.

That big red button gets me every time…


          The story is the whole thing. Even though it is short, it has many exciting turn-points, and they aren’t exciting because there are just big explosions. No, there is actual drama with an actual plot. So you begin the game as Chell, a lone test subject in the Aperture science facility that an insane AI named GLaDOS has taken over. GLaDOS has you trapped doing tests with your physics defying portal gun that progressively get harder. As you complete a final test, the deranged AI promises you freedom and cake, then whoops! she tries to kill you (big surprise) by putting you on a moving platform that goes right into a fire. Of course you use your handy-dandy portal gun to escape the sticky situation. After you get out of the test chambers you work your way up to the AI through the inner workings of the facility. When you finally get up to where she is you knock off and burn each of her intelligence cores. once you do that everything gets blown up and you get blasted to the surface, unconscious. While the game is ending you drearily open your eyes to see the parking lot of the facility, and that you are slowly getting pulled back… The ending I thought was genius, same with the rest of the story. The story is only 3 hours long if your quick but it’s seems like 10.

There isn’t a multiplayer, but there is 6 advanced levels and 6 challenge levels, which are the last 6 hardest tests. The advanced versions are the same hard test, but they’re even harder because tools have been taken away and more obstacles placed. The challenge levels are the same tests from the story but you are challenged to do it in the least amount of time possible, or steps possible, or portals possible.

If Isaac Newton saw this, he would have a heart attack.

This game has several large flaws that smack you in the face while playing this game. One is that the story is really short, even with all the plot twists. And the other big thing that bugs me is that there is no multiplayer! So the only thing that you can do that’s new after the story is the challenge levels, which are fun, but they are nearly the same maps you did in the story, not entirely new experiences.

Overall Portal is an innovative, great game, and for ten dollars on steam (2.50 when it’s on sale) it just dethroned Battlefield 1943 for the best bargain. It is a great puzzle game that actually has a captivating story. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of great puzzle games, they just don’t have amazing stories. Even with the flaws, I will never regret buying this game.


  • Inovative
  • Good story8
  • Challenging puzzles


  • Short story
  • No Multiplayer


Sound ———– 9     The sound is great with amazing actors

Graphics——— 7.5  They’re not bad, but not good either

Playability——– 9.5 Controls are easy to use and easy to learn

Plot————— 9.3 Very original but lack explanation

Replay Value—- 8  Some additional levels but not much

OVERALL: 8.6/10