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Review: Halo Reach

Posted: March 23, 2012 in Review
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ESRB: Mature: >Violence; Mild Language
PEGI: 16: > Realistic Violence, Online Play
Written By: HappyFunRun
An author at Mildly Confused gamer
          Oh what a breath of fresh clean air it is, when you can break free from stereotype games, and go for a fresh fun feel. This feeling is Boasted when a blockbuster title like Halo comes along. The hype on Halo 4 is pretty big, and with that hype, we thought we might review its stunning predecessor.
          The story picks up right before the events of the original Halo: Combat Evolved, you take on the role of Noble 6, a skilled pilot that is now joining the incredible Noble Team. Noble team is a group of Elite Spartans, living on Reach. Yes, Reach. Reach is a planet, supposedly discovered by humans years back, and is a planet can sustain life. So it is inhabited by our own, and has some stunning cities rising above the gorgeous Mountains. The Covenant, a fierce alien Race, is apparently something humanity has known about for a while, and is afraid of. That fright gets a thousand times worse when Noble infiltrates a farming area, that was supposedly attacked by rebels, you go there only to find that it was really covenant, and are forced into a firefight. Yeah that’s right, they’re on reach, and they want to kill. Did I mention reach is pretty important? The game takes you across reach, the cities, deserts, arctic, and notably one mission where you take control of a sabre starfighter, and get to see some stunning views of reach. The game features very strong characters, that you can easily love. And even though you are a faceless dude, you still have a nice moral incentive to stay alive. The story is tragic, and will be gripping your heart by the end of this 5-6 Hour game.
          Multiplayer, was originally not a big part at all of the halo franchise, but every game, it got more and more popular. Multiplayer is a very hard part, and all the newbies will have a pretty rough life if they are not skilled. Multiplayer has some very diverse maps, and some great game modes that really put the icing on the cake: Notably a playlist called, Action Sack, which features a whole list of community made game modes. Halo is a wonderful party game, split screen is just amazing, and if 4 players isn’t enough, the game supports 2 players going online together. As you rank up and earn points, you spend those points as a Currency, with that you can buy armor, helmets, and other gear for your spartan.
          You can change your color, and emblem, but that is free. This currency system is bungie’s way of blurring the line between Singleplayer and Competitive Multiplayer, because you can still earn cash in singleplayer, by competing with your buddies to get the most kills, or also in Firefight.
          Firefight is Halos Horde Mode, Your able to take on a wide arrange of enemies, across some diverse small-sized maps, specifically made for Firefight. This mode is very custom, you can set which enemies come at which times, how long they come, when different rounds come and go, and how long the match is. You can also set loadouts for the game if you would like any. This is just one of Halos customizability.
          Custom Games, are basically local multiplayer, but as the name implies, its custom, very custom. What I like about Halo, and what I think makes it shine so much, how personal it is. You can have FULL CUSTOMIZABILITY, (How fast you move, how high you jump, what weapons people can use, it goes on and on and on) And that customizability is not really supported in Campaign and Multiplayer, you can use this feature in Firefight, Custom Games, and Forge.
          Forge is your huge open world builder. Its massive, and its amazing. One misconception about Forge, is that its a level editor, that’s not the case, because you can’t actually change the terrain or structure of a map. Forge is there, so you can change where, and what weapons are placed around the map, where the spawn points are in a map, your able to change those kinds of things. But then there is forge world, this huge building space, your given thousands of objects to use, walls, floors, bridges,
etc. Build a base, build an airport and stick a banshee on it, build your dream structure, or make some 3D art with floating objects. Its something very fun to mess around on, and you can actually get pretty competitive. Its cool when you are in a shootout in forge, and you all of a sudden pull out a gravity hammer, and own them all, or your friend spawns a banshee and flies away, its endless.
          Halo REACH is something fresh, and I think its something every shooter fan should pick up. Though the story is not the strongest (And halo has never had) it still stands as the best in the series. With fully customizability, and a nice arsenal at your fingertips, Halo Reach is one to Remember.

Ratchet and Clank Future a Crack in Time

ESRB: E+10 for Everyone ten and up – Animated Blood, Comic Mischief, Fantasy Violence

PEGI: 7 for everyone seven and up – Violence

System: PS3

          Ratchet and Clank is back in this new installment in their series! This time Insomniac continued on the past game’s theme. There are many things to do in this game as explorer the many small planets, do side quests, and even find new parts for your weapon. Yup you can customize some of your weapons. This game is a great 3D platformer and has elements that make some of the new Mario games great.

          The campaign is the main focus in the game and that is very much evident in the way it plays. It has pretty good voice acting, great storyline, and many little things that you can collect and find. You start out playing as Clank, he is pretty much Ratchet’s side kick but a main part of the story revolves around him. Anyway you are asleep at the great clock which keeps all the time in the galaxy intact and the main robotic villain Dr. Nefarious and his robot butler Laurence are next to you trying to get access to the clock’s mainframe. When they aren’t paying attention you escape running through the clock’s maze-like hallways and rooms. After a while of playing you switch to Ratchet, Clank’s best friend. He is searching for Ratchet with the famous clumsy and vain public hero Captain Quark. After arguing for a bit they crash land on a mysterious planet that seems to have problems with it’s time field. I will stop there because I don’t want to give away any more spoilers. The story is very compelling and exciting, and is above most other platformers.

           Some of the extras in this game are Agorian Battle Arena where you can get new weapons by going in the arena against an onslaught of enemies. There are four different classes bronze, silver, gold, and finally raritanium. They look like large battle ships in some sectors when you are flying around in your ship. Also when you are in the main lobby there is an 8-bit arcade shooter featuring the blundering Captain Quark. It plays much like the arcade game Smash TV with some different elements thrown in. Also there are many side missions where you collect trash in space or destroy satellites. Furthermore there are several collectibles such as Zoni, the magical creatures that run the Great Clock and upgrade your spaceship, Constructo weapon customizations which unlock new parts for weapons, and Gold Bolts they are basically a huge lump of bolts which serve as the currency in the game.

          Overall this is a great family game. Sadly the only multiplayer element in this is leader-boards to track how many enemies you killed and stuff. Also there isn’t any split screen so if you do get it for your family make sure your kids are fine with the fact they won’t be able to play together. but other than that the story line isn’t just solid, it’s concrete reinforced. I would recomend this to people whom like 3D platformers or want a family friendly game.

Rating: 8.9/10

Review: Just Dance 3

Posted: February 8, 2012 in Review
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Platforms: Wii, Xbox 360, PS3

ESRB: E10+ for Everyone ten and up – Lyrics

          Just Dance 3 was made by Ubisoft. Just Dance 3 is the third in a highly acclaimed series. In this Just Dance, the game finally comes to the Xbox 360 and the PS3. It has very charming graphics and great gameplay. Also you can unlock many different game modes and songs by earning stars you get when you play.

         You can play with up to four players and there are some songs that have a separate dancer for two or four players. The game has hit songs like LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem and Taio Cruz’s Dynamite. It has many unlockables to keep you coming back, it even has a workout mode where it tracks your progress! I think the moves vary from beginner to the advanced dancer. It is fun if you play by yourself or three other people.

         Overall I think Just Dance 3 is the best dance game I have played on the market. It has great gameplay, a pretty nice song selection, and eye-pleasing graphics. They didn’t put in a multiplayer in this game but I wouldn’t know why they would. I recommend this game if you like dancing games because this one is amazing!

Rating: 9.2 / 10

ESRB: M for Mature, Blood and Gore, Intense Violence

Platforms: PC, PS3, Xbox 360

          Team Fortress 2 is a game made by Valve. Valve also made Portal and Half-Life. Team Fortress is a multiplayer only game. You can download it for free on the PC or Mac. For the consoles you can get it only in a game that also has Portal and Half-Life 2 for around $20-$30 dollars. It has a charming non-realistic cartoony graphics that aren’t trying to be realistic and failing at it like most games do.

The gameplay is fantastic. It has many different game modes to keep you busy for a long time. There are nine classes. Sniper has a sniper rifle, Pyro has a flame thrower, Medic has a medi gun and can heal people, Soldier has a rocket launcher , Scout has a scatter gun and is really fast, Demoman has a grenade launcher, Heavy has a mini gun, and the spy has a revolver and can cloak and disguise himself. All of the classes are great to play with and there is one for each play style. In multiplayer the two teams are the blue team and the red team.

Overall I think that Team Fortress is a game not to be overlooked. Especially since it is free to play on the computer. It has beautiful graphics and the gameplay is riveting. It is challenging but still easy to get into. There is lots of blood but since it isn’t a realistic shooter I have no complaints about that category unlike most shooters I review. I think it is one of those games that you play just because your bored and want to blow some stuff up and not one where you play for the story. (Which is nonexistent in this game!)

Rating: 9 /10

Review: Homefront

Posted: January 26, 2012 in Review
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ESRB: M for Mature – Blood, Violence, Strong Language

Platforms: PS3, Xbox 360, PC

          Homefront is made by the guys at THQ. It is a first person shooter set in the near future. The controls are almost identical to Call of Duty but there are some differences. It also lets you drive vehicles, but the way you do it is different from Battlefield. Homefront is one of those games that borrows things from other games in its genre and then makes it into a unique experience.

          The singleplayer campaign is a disappointment. The story is excellent but, The campaign only takes about 3-6 hours to complete! That’s pretty short and you’re only going to get 6 hours out of it if you scrounge the maps looking for the hidden intel. The story’s characters are the kind you can easily fall in love with or hate with all your mind and heart. Alas I think it shows a little too much violence. The story is saddening and gruesome but it is a fun little thing if you ignore the parts that bug you.

          This is one of those games where they obviously spent more time making the multiplayer than the campaign. The muliplayer can entertain you for hours. You earn battle points so you can spawn in vehicles or buy special weapons. Also, if you get so many kills in one life you become a marked target and someone is assigned a contract for bonus battle points to kill you. If you keep on getting kill streaks your threat rating goes up and more people get assigned to kill you. Regrettably the multiplayer is also very short. It only took me about a week of playing to get to the highest rank and unlock all the weapons!

          Overall I think the game has a way too short story but with characters you can love. The multiplayer is fun but it doesn’t take much to rank all the way up. This was a good game but I would only recommend it if you were bored and found an amazing deal on Amazon or something.

Rating: 6.9/10

Review: Super Mario 3D Land

Posted: January 16, 2012 in Review
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ESRB: E for everyone – Mild Cartoon Violence

Platforms: 3DS

          Super Mario 3D Land is like all of the great Mario games but, with a twist. Imagine, Mario 64 combined with any of the classic Mario games, there you have this game! It plays like most Mario games but, you can go frontward and backward. You go and get mushrooms and smash Goombas like any other Mario title. It sure is addicting!

          The story line is basically the same as all the other Mario games. Princess Peach gets kidnapped by Bowser, you have to save her by going through various worlds, defeating Bowser’s minions, and eventually rescuing the princess. This time if you beat the main story you unlock bonus 8 worlds where you have to save Luigi. The multiplayer is basically sharing best times on levels over street pass.

          Overall I think this game is one of the best that the 3DS has to offer. It has great game play and a compelling story. Also it has great hidden items and extra levels to keep you coming back after you beat the story. Really, the only problem I have with this game is that they could have easily put in a multiplayer vs mode or something but, it is a wonderful game nothing less.

Review: 9.5/10

ESRB: M for mature-blood, strong language, violence

Platforms: PC, PS3 Xbox 360

          Battlefield Bad Company 2 continues on from the first bad company. It was made by Dice and EA the same people who have brought you most of the Battlefield games. You can drive vehicles like jeeps and helicopters. Also, you can destroy and collapse buildings to kill enemies inside with the power of Frostbite, the game’s engine.

          In the singleplayer campaign mode you play as Preston Marlowe; a member in the group known as “Bad Company” a group of three others. The story has you saving the world from Russians that have captured a Japanese WWII weapon of mass destruction and are planing to take over America. You travel across the world trying to stop the Russian leader Arkady Kirilenko. I believe the campaign has a generic story but with characters you know and love. I think the story is like most average fps (first person shooter) games with extremely funny humor and arguments (unlike CoD) but, it has swearing that isn’t really necessary (like CoD).

          The multiplayer is really the gem in this game. It has several game modes such as rush: where there is the attacking team and the defending team. The attacking team’s job is to destroy the other team’s M-COMs. As you destroy them, sectioned off areas of the map become available to you and new M-COMs are set up in that area. The defending team (obviously) defends the M-COMs from the attackers. Every time the attackers destroy  the set of M-COMs the defending team’s spawn point gets set back to the new area. you win as an attacker by destroying all the M-COMs. To win as a defender you have to kill enough attackers until they run out of respawn tickets.

          Overall I think Battlefield Bad Company 2 is a good game with realism and humor. The campaign is par but, the multiplayer is where this game shines. It made me keep on coming back to play and rank up. The main problem I have with this game is that they made it a little too realistic. The character’s language sounds just as colorful as an average marine!

Rating: 9/10