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Review: WipEout HD

Posted: April 4, 2012 in Review
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WipEout HD

Platforms: PS3

ESRB: E+10 for everyone ten and up – fantasy violence

PEGI: 3+ for everyone three and up – allows to interact with other people online

          WipEout  is Sony’s main racing series besides Gran Turismo and I can see why they put so much weight on this series! It is beautiful to look at and great to play. This game is set in the next hundred years where you are a hovercar racer and you try to win as many races as you can. You race around in giant floating tracks where there are twists, turns, split paths, and even upside down sections thanks to magnetized areas of the track that keep you suspended in air. There are many teams to chose from and many different tracks.

Warp speed activated!

          This game has a ton of gameplay modes to chose from such as: Single Race where you race against seven others on a single track; Tournament where you do more than one track with eight other people and when you finish in a position it gives you points and at the end the person with the most points win; Time Trial where you are alone on the track and you have to finish in a set amount of time; Speed Lap where you get seven laps to do an exceptional time; and finally Zone in this fresh mode you race around the track with the gas stuck on and after a set amount of time the round increases along with the speed. In the end you have to get to the highest round you can get to. There are many creative teams with their own style, colors, and more importantly own stats. In most of the modes and on all of the tracks there are blue arrows which give you a speed boost and red X’s which give you a random power-up. The power-ups can range from proximity mines to heat seeking missiles and even shields to protect you from other racer’s pesky machine guns. The track settings differ from high in the clouds to inside a sprawling mall. There is many different events to do in single player and when you win a race with a certain team’s vehicle you get loyalty points. With enough points for one team you can unlock paint schemes and HUD configurations. Also included in this game is a split-screen mode where you can do most of the game modes with a friend on the same screen.

        The multiplayer is really fun but, nothing is really unique about it. It is just like most racing games where you just join a server with other people and play on a certain game mode. There is that really fun aspect that you just don’t get with the in-game AI, the unpredictability of human players. AI can sometimes fall into predictable patterns for some games. With human players usually they aren’t predictable as much as the AI can be. So each time you play a match you get a little bit of a different experience each time.

I bet he's wondering how that panda got to be so big...

         Some of the flaws that this game has are that the multiplayer is bland and isn’t unique. After a hour or so of playing you usually get bored. Finally I think there should have been more unlockables and they should have been quicker to unlock because it usually took around 25-30 wins to unlock the first thing if you use only one team so the points stockpile.

         Overall I think WipEout HD is a fun game and can entertain you when you have nothing to do. Also it has one of the best background music tracks to a racing game ever unlike some really bland and unrecognizable music in some games. (we’re looking at you Gran Turismo 5) It has beautiful graphics, track design, and vehicle design really putting you in the race. I would recommend this game who really like racing games or have played the series before and liked it.


  • Great soundtrack
  • Amazing design and graphics
  • Fun game modes


  • Bland multiplayer
  • Can make you bored quickly

rating 8.9/10